Transformative courses built just for your business.

Close the skills gaps in your organisation and experience a general uplift in your management and leadership capability with our customised in-house programs. Because investing in your people provides pay off like nothing else.

Results and behaviour change – that's where we focus.

So, what is the exact change that you need to see in your business?

Customised in-house programs can dive deep and deliver much greater impact than an off the shelf product. You’re not restricted by time or topic. We completely remove any barriers you might have operationally. 

Here’s why our in-house solutions deliver impact:

“Things will look and feel different in your organisation now. Your managers and leaders will have a unified voice and style. Being in the same room, at the same time means they are now all on the same page.”

Journey Examples

Challenge 1 - General uplift in management capability

The Challenge

Our solution

Challenge 2 - Improved communication across the business

The Challenge

Our solution

Challenge 3 - Things aren’t going well, I need help mapping out my capability gaps.

The Challenge

Our solution

What does the journey look like?

We’ve spent years perfecting this recipe, so you don’t have to. It’s tried and tested, and the results speak for themselves.
Here is what working with us will look like. 

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Define and discover

This is where we get under the bonnet. We meet to understand your needs, challenges and priorities. Your people undergo team diagnostic surveys (like IML 360, Genos and DiSC) so we can really identify gaps in capability.
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Design and develop

This is where we design the exact content to be covered, in partnership with you. We work collaboratively in this stage until we get the formula just right. We get down in the details and work out the best solution for your business.
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Deliver and refine

Line managers of participants attend a briefing webinar. This is a crucial step to maintain accountability and deliver maximum impact. In this phase, we deliver the program to participants, keeping you updated at every step. We’ll also conduct a formal debrief with you here.

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Measure and review

This is where we conduct one further IML360 survey so that we can measure the actual transformation of program participants. We’ll prepare a report which clearly outlines your return on investment and meet with you to debrief the results and prepare for the future.   

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