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Rapidly increase your management skills with leading management courses and webinars.

Become a more effective and resilient manager with renowned management and leadership courses and professional development tools.

In a highly competitive, technologically advanced, global business environment, managers face greater challenges than ever before. To achieve business goals, lead employees, and foster a culture of innovation and improvement, managers need to be equipped with the right skills and tools – that’s where we come in.

Our specialised management and leadership courses have been designed to help you tackle any management challenge seamlessly with confidence. Whether you are new to your management role or looking to enhance your skills, we have a range of courses that will help you.

Become a better, more adaptable manager – fast!

At the Institute of Managers and Leaders, we know how to rapidly increase capability and create lasting behavioural change to both transform and equip managers in the marketplace.
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Become a stronger, smarter manager.

To be a great leader of others you need to first be a great leader of self. That is why we start by building the awareness and confidence you need to perform as a great manager.
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Boost your team performance and morale.

Discover the strategies and tools you need to enjoy increased employee motivation, a better team culture and remarkably improved performance.
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Expand your skills and management toolkit.

Equip yourself with best-practice tools and strategies that have been tried and tested by our leadership experts with measurable success. Not only will you learn them, but you’ll also apply them.
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Discover solutions to problems faced.

Created to address the challenges and frustrations managers experience on a day-to-day basis, our courses equip managers with the skills to transform both their team and the business.

Courses designed for every management stage

At the Institute of Managers and Leaders, we understand that every manager is at a different stage in their journey and can have different strengths and weaknesses.

That is why we have a range of courses to meet the needs of each manager and grow them into the best leader they can be.

Whether you want to learn the basics of great management or go on a deep-dive to explore the nitty gritty of common leadership challenges, we have you covered.

Generate big workplace wins with our popular courses

Below are some of our most popular management courses, that also provide the greatest workplace wins.

Starting out

“I am a new manager and need to build my skills and confidence to manage my team effectively.”
16 CPD Credits

The absolute baseline management course that every new manager and leader needs. A perfect refresher for experienced managers looking for quick wins.

Middle manager
“I want to improve my management style. Help me hone my skills, become more adaptable and lead my team well.”
48 CPD Credits

A fully immersive and gold standard leadership development course that changes people’s lives. Turning managers into intentional leaders.

Expert manager or senior executive

“I want to go from a good manager to a great manager. Help me to become a master of my craft.”
40 CPD Credits

A leadership course challenging those in experienced and senior leadership roles. Transforming them into influential leaders.

Best management and leadership courses in Australia and New Zealand

The experts in management and leadership training.

There’s a reason more managers and businesses are turning to the Institute of Managers and Leaders for management training. Here are some of the benefits you receive.

World-Class Content & Experts

Discover techniques and tools that have been tried, tested, and proven, delivered by the experts in leadership and management.

Unique Learning Opportunities

To fast-track learning we use a unique combination of coaching, traditional learning and workplace involvement and application.

Practical Application

Our practical and real-world training ensures that managers and leaders don’t just know the information they need but can quickly apply it.

Fast Results

With a focus on behavioural change, we deliver quick results and lasting change, ensuring you get the best return on your leadership investment.

Greater Course Flexibility

Choose from a range of different course, styles, formats, and lengths to learn the way you need while still successfully meeting your work commitments.

A Focus on Solving Leadership Challenges

To ensure a transformative impact on both manager and business we look at challenges to ensure managers are equipped and skilled to handle whatever comes at them.

What our participants are saying

9 / 10

“I think it [this course] applies to both new leaders, and seasoned leaders”
Alyssa Plummer
NATA – Foundations Sydney F2F, May 2024

9.5 / 10

“Great facilitator and good toolkit to reflect on how to improve”
Jennifer Brown
Queensland Conservation Council – Foundations Brisbane F2F – April 2024)

10 / 10

“Absolutely brilliant, engaging, relevant and applicable content”
Liviya Stadnikoff
GRV – Critical Conversations at Work – April 2024

Become the best manager you can be.

Find out what our participants had to say about their learning journey with the Institute of Mangers and Leaders, and how it has created a lasting and transformative impact.

Trusted by leading companies across Australia and New Zealand

Like what you see? Explore more learning and development solutions

While we specialise in management and leadership training, we have a wide range of learning and development tools and solutions that are designed to benefit everyone in your business. Further equip your team with the solutions below.

Short Courses

Hone a specific skill or challenge. Short, practical and effective online courses with leading facilitators.


One-hour live webinars with thought leaders that give you tips and tricks to enhance your day-to-day work.
Development Day

Development Days

Stay ahead of workplace, management and leadership trends with a day of online learning with thought leaders and leading facilitators.


Gain recognition for your leadership skills by obtaining the highest status that can be achieved as a manager or leader globally.

Why choose us?

For the last 80 years, we have been creating more effective, resilient, and adaptable managers and leaders through training and courses that achieve lasting behavioural change and measurable workplace outcomes. Not bound to accredited training regulations, we focus on the practical information and solutions that people really need to become better managers and leaders.


Participants in a leadership course in 2023


Satisfaction rating for management and leadership courses


Satisfaction rating for short courses
“The course was very detailed and helpful for new managers and leaders”

Daniel Palinkas

Cowal Ag – Mate to Manager Short Course – May 2024

“I think some of my peers and team could benefit from this course. The topics covered are great for people in leadership and those wanting to be.”

Brenda Sergent

New Zealand Police – Build Teams to Perform – March 2024

“Very valuable course that makes you reflect on your impact to your staff. Cheryl [Facilitator] is a credit to the course. I have really appreciated her style of leading and guidance. I’m encouraged to continue building on what I’ve developed during the course”

Kaeden Leonard

NRC – Virtual Foundations – March 2024

“I can see how others in my organisation could benefit from the content of the sessions on how to lead a team”

Kathi Cray

Wagner Corporation – Foundations Brisbane F2F – April 2024

“Very useful and insightful session”

Ronnie Zhang

Georgio Armani – Face-to-Face Foundations Participant – May 2024

“It’s an excellent way to open your mind to become a better leader.”

Jared Lock

SA Government - Critical Conversations at Work – April 2024

Case Studies

Empowering businesses and their people

Our partnerships with businesses across Australia and New Zealand have transformed the lives of participants and delivered big impact in their workplaces.

Hear first hand what they have to say.


What are the top five reasons to invest in a management course?
  1. Personal development: Our management courses encourage self-reflection. This self-reflection and introspection lead to greater levels of self-awareness which then allows you to understand your strengths and areas for improvement. You can't effectively lead others without knowing yourself first.
  2. Skill development: Undertaking management courses like ours means that you will develop the essentials skills needed by managers and leaders. This is because we've done the research, and we know the most crucial skills needed to effectively manage a team and lead an organisation. We also know how to teach it in the most effective way.
  3. Improved team performance: When you have the skills to effectively lead, you will become a better manager. Better managers contribute to more positive, motivated and productive teams and workplaces. Our focus on performance management and motivation strategies also helps!
  4. Improved confidence: Your confidence will soar with a toolkit of skills and a more motivated, productive and high performing team as a result.
  5. Opportunities for networking: Meet other managers and leaders from a diverse range of industries, seniority and backgrounds. Exchange ideas, learn from the experience of others and stay in touch to build your network.

For these reasons, undertaking a management course with us can be lifechanging.

Do I need to have ‘Manager’ in my title to be able to enrol in one of your management courses?

No of course not. A large portion of our management courses focus on self-management. Our Management Essentials Course is a great first step for new managers or to prepare you for management and leadership if you are an aspiring manager. It is not a pre-requisite for you to have a management title. For instance, you may be responsible for managing a specific set of tasks or project, but not employees.

If you're still unsure, a good first step is to attend one of our short courses. Short courses are one day long virtual courses that focus on a specific skill. For example, time management or communication skills.

What industries do you specialise in?

Managers and leaders exist in every business, in every industry. For this reason, we do not specialise in particular industries. Our management courses apply to all managers and leaders.

With over 80 years of experience in supporting managers and leaders, we know that the challenges faced by managers and leaders are consistent no matter what industry you operate in.

Previous participants come from all walks of life and all industries – from healthcare to retail, agriculture to government, construction to IT and professional services. It does not matter what industry you work in; our management courses will be relevant to you. Take a look at some of the organisations we've worked with on our case studies page here.

What specific skills will I learn or improve upon?

Each of our management courses and short courses has its own unique set of Learning Outcomes. These Learning Outcomes detail the exact skills that you will improve during the course.

However, there is some overlap in the skills taught in each management course. They include:

  • Improving self-awareness
  • Communicating effectively
  • Cultivating business acumen
  • Using your influence and negotiation skills
  • Motivating teams
  • Managing conflict
  • Nurturing personal wellbeing
  • Managing performance

The skills we focus on are derived from our Competency Framework. This framework is research informed and sets out the top 25 skills all managers and leaders must have to be an effective leader.

What learning methods and resources are provided?

We don't follow the typical classroom style format. Our management courses are experiential and interactive. We adopt the 70:20:10 Learning Methodology to build capability and drive learning transfer back into the workplace – 70% of our courses are about lived experience, 20% are about exposure and 10% are about education.

Our management courses include a unique combination of diagnostics and peer surveys, one- on-one coaching, traditional learning, workplace projects and application, self-paced learning and activities and line management involvement.

During facilitated workshop days, our world leading content is delivered in a way that caters to the adult learning experiences through break-out groups, small group activities, discussion circles, presentations and more.

Course resources include:

  • Diagnostics and survey reports.
  • An online learning portal full of resources, plus a workbook to use during workshop days and to keep as a reference point.
  • Black Dog Institutes e-learning module – Workplace Mental Health for Leaders.
  • Coaching sessions (for Foundations and Accelerate).
  • Harvard Business Review - Manager's Handbook (for Foundations and Accelerate).
  • 12 months of membership with the Institute of Managers & Leaders ANZ to further your leadership journey.
  • Access to our award-winning Mentoring Program.