Better Managers and Leaders for a better society

About us

Better managers and leaders, for a better society

For over 80 years, we’ve provided industry-leading solutions to shape professionals into the best managers and leaders they can be.

Since 1941, we’ve supported frontline leaders, middle management and senior executives as they adapt to the rapidly changing business world and new ways of leading. Over decades as the national authority on professional management and leadership, we’ve grown into the most powerful network of professionals in the Trans-Tasman region.

Our mission and values

An ambitious vision and mission

We’re in the business of helping create better managers and leaders for a better society.

We passionately believe that managers and leaders make decisions that impact people’s lives in ways that are felt far beyond the workplace; by helping to create better managers and leaders, we too are creating a better society.

Increasing the standard, number and profile of professional managers and leaders is our mission and is the way we achieve our vision. We do this through:

Impactful Purpose

Here to help you grow

Impactful purpose

Our purpose is to facilitate the fundamental shift from the accidental manager in the workplace to the intentional leader.

Too often, great employees leave their job because of poor relationships with their manager. We find this happens because a significant number of people are promoted into management positions because of their technical excellence or based on tenure. These people are often untrained and unprepared for their new management and leadership responsibilities. We call this the “accidental manager”.

Every day, our purpose is to provide solutions that help address the accidental manager. It is one that we are incredibly proud of and dedicated to. By creating intentional leaders, we are helping to remove stress, increase team performance and engagement, improve business outcomes and contribute to a better functioning society.

Values that make it all happen



We take responsibility for the client and Member experience.



We identify solutions to meet the customer need

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We target our effort on the highest priorities

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We challenge mediocrity

IML's Journey

A long history

Take a walk with us down memory lane. It’s been a long rewarding journey so far...


Humble beginnings in 1941, we started operating as the Institute of Industrial Management in Victoria.


In 1949 the organisation rebranded to the Australian Institute of Management (AIM). AIM was originally five separate state-based entities operating under a lose federated model. These state-based entities were similar but different.


In 2013 QLD/NT and NSW/ACT merged and then SA, Vic/Tas rolled in soon after. AIM WA remains separate to this day. The AIM Group was born.


In 2017 AIM Group rebranded to the Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML). The education and training arm of AIM had been divested earlier in 2014.


In 2019 IML merged with the New Zealand Institute of Management (NZIM), establishing the Trans-Tasman organisations known as Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia and New Zealand.


The Board and Management launch a new strategy, positioning the Institute as the ‘go to’ organisation for management & leadership training, professional development, membership and support services for professionals and businesses across Australia and New Zealand.