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Recognised by Royal Charter, Chartered Manager is the global accreditation for management and leadership professionals. It has transformed the lives and careers of thousands of leadership professionals and the organisations they lead globally by raising the standard of management.
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Use Chartered Manager as proof of your leadership skills and experience.
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Use the CMgr suffix and Chartered status to help you stand out as a first-class leader in a global market.
of Chartered Managers use their designation as proof of experience of leading people and managing change.
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of Chartered Managers say their self-awareness has increased since becoming accredited.
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of Chartered Managers say their self-confidence has increased since becoming accredited.
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An opportunity to reflect on how far you’ve come as a leader.

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for accreditation, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • At least 5 years’ management or leadership experience (no qualification required)
  • Minimum bachelor-level qualification in management, leadership or business with at least 3 years’ management or leadership experience

The accreditation process

First, you’ll need to become an Institute Member. Then, you will complete a three-stage application process involving approximately 12 hours of work.
This process can be completed at your own pace. It usually takes applicants an average of three to four months to be awarded accreditation.

There is a one off assessment fee of A$1,095 (including GST).

To maintain your accreditation, you will need to continue to be an Individual Member of the Institute. Your annual IML membership renewal will also include a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) membership that is mandatory as a Chartered Manager. This component will cost an additional $150 on top of the IML membership rate.

Stage 1: Submit your documents
Submit your CV and supporting documents to chartered.manager@managersandleaders.com.au to have your eligibility assessed.
Stage 2: Complete a written assessment
You’ll be provided with a reflective-based written assessment. It will be used to assess personal skills and expertise in leading people and managing change.
Stage 3: Phone interview
Finally, you’ll be allocated an assessor who will work with you to gather any further information. Your assessor will conduct a telephone interview to confirm that you meet the Chartered Manager standards.
After receiving your accreditation, you are required to maintain it by tracking your Continuing Professional Development as a manager and leader.

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Find out more about the highest status in the management profession.
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I decided to become Chartered because IML ANZ has a great reputation and that great reputation flows on to me. Being a Chartered Manager has increasing recognition in the region and as a regional CEO I wanted to get on board as it gave me the ability to engage on a leadership level.
Kate Venables CMgr AFIML - CEO, CatholicCare Social Services

Kate Venables CMgr AFIML

CEO, CatholicCare Social Services