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How to be the coach your people need during tough times
May 31, 2024
Discover how a surprising exercise at the Global Coaches Program in Dubai transformed coaching by emphasising relationships, curiosity, and adaptability, and learn the powerful principles that can revolutionise leadership and team performance.
Why is the skills shortage still so concerning in 2024?
May 30, 2024
As our ageing population grows and birth rates decline, the skills deficit is exacerbated by a misalignment between education and industry needs, highlighting an urgent call for action to address the gaps in both human and technical skills.
Real cultures. Real perspectives.
April 22, 2024
We spoke with two of our Members recently about what makes a great workplace culture. It's clear from their experience that it has little to do with the social aspects of a work environment and a lot to do with having a sense of purpose, sharing values and working together collaboratively toward a common goal.
Untapped potential
April 18, 2024
When leaders of all genders, at all career stages, get serious about making workplaces work for women, then all of us win.
When change works and why
April 16, 2024
In this article, Trish Maluta shares a recent example of the success she had with a major culture change project for the Tasmanian Public Trustee.
What's in store for 2024?
February 26, 2024
Take a look at our summary of the five main trending topics that will shape management and leadership in 2024.
Member Spotlight with Brendan Blomeley FIML
January 29, 2024
Get to know your new IML Board Director, Brendan Blomeley FIML, Mayor of Clarence City Council in Tasmania.
Greater happiness at work
November 21, 2023
The key to finding happiness at work is to be engaged in meaningful work, something we all know to be intrinsically true…or is it?
For healthy leadership, why strong is better than wrong
November 21, 2023
Human-beings have an inbuilt negativity bias. But our brains on positive perform significantly better than when we are at negative, neutral or stressed. And we learn, develop and grow, and gain confidence by focusing on what is working,
Better for business - or is it?
November 13, 2023
Which side of the fence do you sit when it comes to hybrid working. Read about the arguments put forward in our Great Virtual Debate.
Member Spotlight with Lisa Cornell CMgr FIML
May 22, 2024
In this month’s Member Spotlight, get to know Lisa Cornell CMgr FIML, Operations Manager for the Indigenous Australia Program at The Fred Hollows Foundation.
Leading culture improvement initiatives
April 11, 2024
What makes a great place to work? Over his 15-year career in HR and learning and development working in global organisations, Michal Pawlowicz, Head of Learning and Development at HIND Management (An IML Corporate Member) has experienced the breadth and depth of business cultures. Equipped with a master’s degree in psychology and postgraduate HR and […]
Five ways leaders can set themselves up for success in 2024
February 26, 2024
For a successful 2024, consider the needs of all of your stakeholders in the system.
How to empower and enable your team this year
February 26, 2024
Empowering and enabling your people sounds so obvious. Yet it is often overlooked. Read how to achieve it successfully this year.


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