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Foundations of Intentional Leadership

A fully immersive leadership development course that changes people’s lives.

To lead others well, you must be able to understand and lead yourself first. This is not your average tick and flick course – it is comprehensive and transformative and designed for maximum behavioural change. Participants are challenged and stretched to question their leadership styles and behaviours. Things will look and feel different in your business when you or your staff have undertaken this program.


  • 6 days of face-to-face or virtual learning delivered over three months
  • 2 one-on-one coaching sessions
  • 3 diagnostic reports: IML 360 Feedback Survey, DiSC Behaviour Profiling and IML EI5 Factors of Emotional Intelligence
  • 12 months of Membership with the Institute
  • Access to Mentoring Program
  • Harvard Business Review – Manager’s Handbook
  • 1-2 hours of online study per fortnight
  • In partnership with the Black Dog Institute, an e-learning module designed to build the skills leaders need to care for their mental health and support others at work.


Transform your people into intentional leaders

Looking for lasting impact? This is how we do it:

  • Research tells us that it takes more than three months to change habits and behaviour. That’s why our program is delivered over three months and includes prework, face-to-face sessions, coaching and ongoing membership. Transformational change cannot happen overnight!
  • Not a tick and flick course. Our program is fully immersive, experiential, and designed for maximum behavioural change because our learning philosophy is grounded in how adults learn best
  • You’ve heard it before: “they’re a natural born leader”. We challenge this concept in all our programs. For us, good leadership can be taught, and even natural born leaders have room for development
  • You are part of the process. Working with the best facilitators in the business is worlds away from attending standard training and lecturing

The magic recipe that delivers lasting results… Not just training, our Courses are experiential. Real behavioural change happens because of the support we provide with prework diagnostic tools, one-on-one coaching, and post-program support.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the important role of a manager and a leader
  • Improve self-awareness and understand how these elements impact your leadership style
  • Develop techniques to lead a productive, motivated and engaged team
  • Empower your people and manage performance for optimal outcomes
  • Understand how you fit into the bigger picture of the team and the organisation

Take me on the journey

Are you interested to see what the journey will look like? Here is the typical Foundations of Intentional Leadership experience.


A critical component of your entire journey. This stage requires you to undertake online diagnostic surveys. But, these are more than a basic personality quiz, they are powerful tools that will set you up for success.

Facilitated Learning

Module 1 – Setting the scene
We unpack the concepts of accidental managers, intentional leadership and moving from mate to manager. You’ll explore what good leadership looks like. An anchor session that explores the importance of trust, credibility and values alignment.

Module 2 – Where the rubber hits the road
To be a great leader you must start with knowing how to lead yourself. You’ll learn why the power of managing your own time and priorities has huge impact. Understand how to build credibility and trust by keeping your promises and do what you say you’re going to do.

Module 3 – Communication is key
Now that you have mastered self-awareness, it’s time to apply what you’ve learnt to how you communicate. A great manager is someone that communicates clearly and well. Become an expert communicator and learn the basics of why psychological safety matters.

Module 4 – High impact teams
Now you’re ready to turn your focus to team management. This is where we look at how you can motivate and engage your staff to build a high performing team. You’ll also use the personality profiling that you discovered in your DiSC profiling pre-work to learn how to best interact with individual team members.

Module 5 – The tough stuff
Humans are complicated. Managing someone’s performance or behaviour when things aren’t going right is not an easy task. This module will equip you with the skills to apply to difficult situations so you can have those tough conversations and influence future behaviour. You will walk away with a model so that you can deal with barriers, roadblocks and difficult behaviours straight away.

Module 6 – Put your learning into practice
Now we bring it all together. This is where you reflect on everything you’ve learnt and consolidate your learning. You will walk away with a cohesive understanding about how to apply everything in practice. This is an opportunity for you to present what you are now going to do differently. The outcome is behavioural change. Things will look and feel differently for you now.


One-on-one coaching sessions with your Facilitator take place after Module 2 and Module 5. They are a powerful way to personalise your experience, consolidate your learning and set your own goals.

Line manager involvement

Interviews and feedback sessions after every module drive accountability. This is an essential ingredient in the recipe. You aren’t alone on the journey.

Ongoing support

12 months of membership with the Institute helps you continue your learning, build a network and access leading mentors.

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A$4,495 incl GST (Member price)
A$5,995 incl GST (Retail price)

Supporting workplace mental health for leaders

Managers and leaders play a significant role in creating a mentally healthy workplace. The Institute of Managers and Leaders ANZ has partnered with the Black Dog Institute (BDI) to ensure every participant going through one of our leadership programs has access to the BDI Workplace Mental Health for Leaders e-Learning module, specifically designed to build the knowledge and skills of workplace leaders to care for their mental health and support others at work.

Ready to enrol?

Browse all available dates and make your booking below.

Please Note: Starting times for VIRTUAL courses commence at 8am AEDT (Sydney Time) to allow for delivery across multiple states and time zones.

Name Date Time Location Member Non Member
Foundations of Intentional Leadership 13 August - 22 October 2024 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Sydney
Foundations of Intentional Leadership 13 August - 22 October 2024 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Melbourne
Foundations of Intentional Leadership 21 August - 30 October 2024 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Brisbane
Foundations of Intentional Leadership Virtual 16 September - 20 November 2024 08:00 am - 04:00 pm Virtual
Foundations of Intentional Leadership 18 September - 4 December 2024 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Adelaide


Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Yes! At the completion of your course, you are presented with a formal hard copy certificate.

Not only that, but you are also awarded 12 months of membership with the Institute which provides you with access to a whole raft of member benefits like networking events, webinars, Development Days, mentoring, discounts and more.

What time do the sessions start and finish?

The facilitated sessions run for a full workday. This is usually from 9:00am to roughly 5:00pm AEST, with breaks for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. There may be some virtual sessions that run from 8:00am to 4:00pm AEST to accommodate the time difference for any New Zealand based participants. Exact timing can be found in the Ready to Enrol section of this page.

What is the time commitment of the tasks and activities required between sessions?

The more you put in, the more you get out. In our experience, participants get the most out of their course by undertaking between 1 and 3 hours of "homework” each fortnight before their next facilitated session. This includes:

  • Reading articles stored on the online Learning Portal.
  • Watching videos and webinars stored on the online Learning Portal.
  • Practicing what you've learnt back in the workplace.
  • Reflecting on your real-life experiences, ready to discuss in your next session.
What industry backgrounds is this program suitable for?

Managers and leaders exist in every business, in every industry. The content in this course is not industry specific. It applies to all managers and leaders. With over 80 years of experience in supporting managers and leaders, we know that the challenges faced by managers and leaders are consistent no matter what industry you operate in.

Previous participants come from all walks of life and all industries – from healthcare to retail, agriculture to government, construction to IT and professional services. It does not matter what industry you work in; this course will be relevant to you.

Do you offer Executive Coaching packages?

Executive Coaching Packages are available and typically come in a series of six sessions. Executive Coaching is available as 1:1 sessions or group sessions.

How much involvement is the participant’s line manager expected to have?

To accelerate participants’ learning, their line manager is encouraged to be involved. We find that if the line manager is invested and involved, participants and the employer enjoy a higher return on investment.

Before the program begins, managers are asked to reflect on their employees' characteristics and styles by completing the diagnostic surveys that will be used during the course. After each face-to-face session the line manager will receive an email updating them on topics covered, articles and key learnings. We encourage line managers to engage with the participants about their key learnings and development plan.

I have booked into the course. What happens next?

You will receive a note and calendar invitations for your program at least 2 weeks before your first day. You will also be required to nominate colleagues to complete your diagnostic surveys and complete the surveys yourself. This is a critical step in the journey. You may also receive an article to read before your first session and some videos to watch in our online Learning Portal.

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Course Overview


Those that are looking for a transformative experience. Aspiring, frontline and middle managers.


Six days of face-to-face or virtual learning delivered over three months.


A$4,495 incl GST (Member price)
A$5,995 incl GST (Retail price)

CPD Credits

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