Calling managers and leaders in rural and regional Australia and NZ

IML has a long history supporting managers and leaders across rural and regional Australia and New Zealand. Some might say its in our DNA. Indeed, many of the Institute’s clients, Corporate and Professional Members hail from rural and regional areas.

The John Storey Scholarship is our chance to give back to these communities. By applying and being awarded a John Storey Scholarship, you will receive a fully funded place in IML ANZ’s Management Essentials Program. These scholarships are a conduit for individuals to learn and grow as managers and leaders in their communities. We strongly encourage Indigenous Australians and Māori to apply as part of IML ANZ’s positive action towards reconciliation.

There are 4 scholarship places available in 2024 and recipients are selected by the IML ANZ Board of Directors. See eligibility criteria and how to apply below.

Apply now for your chance to be awarded a John Storey Scholarship and take your place in our Management Essentials Program.

What is on offer?

Being awarded a John Storey Scholarship gives you a fully funded place in our popular Management Essentials Program.  Importantly, this program is offered virtually so you can attend it no matter where you are in Australia or New Zealand.

Management Essentials is the baseline leadership program for all new or aspiring managers, frontline leaders or experienced managers needing a refresh. Providing you with the building blocks for great leadership, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of your role as a leader and more confidence to face management challenges head-on.

Here’s a list of inclusions:

Scholarship criteria

To be considered and qualify for one of these scholarships, please provide us with your answers to the following criteria questions about your management and leadership journey so far. 

Please adhere to the word limits set and apply by completing the form available at the button below. 

The scholarship must be undertaken by the awarded candidates within 12 months in an IML ANZ Management Essentials Program.

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Download the IML ANZ Management Competency Framework

The IML ANZ Competency Framework revolves around 25 key competencies for successful management and leadership practice.

Many of these initial competencies are key to your entire career journey although the context may change as you progress. 

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Complete your scholarship application here

Complete the form below with your contact details and your answers to the criteria questions set out above. Please comply with any word limits set. 

You will be contacted by email to let you know the outcome of your scholarship application. 

Taking inspiration from Sir John Storey

These scholarships are only possible because of the extraordinary career and work of John Storey (1896 to 1955). Storey was the founding Director of the Institute (first established in Victoria in 1941 and known originally as the Institute of Industrial Management and then the Australian Institute of Management). He was well known for his unique Australian approach to management and for relentlessly pushing for greater training of management at all levels.

Storey grew up in working class Balmain, as the son of a boilermaker and the first Labor Premier of New South Wales. After graduating as an engineer, and serving in World War I, Storey founded his own automative companies and established the Automative Manufacturers Association. He had a keen interest in fighting for the protection and establishment of Australian industry. This advocacy role is one that he held throughout his life, encouraging overseas manufacturers to establish industries in Australia and sitting on many Committees of national interest (including wartime preparation and immigration).

Storey became the Director of Automative of General Motors Holden in 1933, where he remained until appointed to the Aircraft Production Committee in 1940. During World War II, he was the Chief of the Beaufort Division where he was responsible for the production of over 1000 Lancaster and Beaufort bombers and Beaufighters – the first of their kind to be manufactured on Australian soil. This was Australia’s most complex wartime industrial task. In 1945, Storey joined Repco Limited as their Chairman and Managing Director, whilst also leading many of his own businesses; one of which was most famous for manufacturing and merchandising the Namco pressure cooker. He was knighted in 1950.

Storey’s leadership style was modern and would fit nicely into today’s workplace. To him, leadership and management was a purpose that should be used to make society better, and not just to build profit. He believed in treating all workers with respect and rejected antiquated notions of hierarchy and pretension.

It’s safe to say that John Storey helped shape the management and leadership landscape in Australia, and the Institute carries on his vision in the services we provide each day. On his death, John Storey bequeathed a sum of money to establish a fund for the advancement of education in the field of management and training and efficiency. Today, the Institute is honoured to award these scholarships as part of that fund.

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