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Learning and development solutions that improve the lives of your people and the bottom line of your business.

When you invest in the development of your managers and leaders, it has an impact like no other. Provide your people with the skills and tools to tackle any management challenge.

Elevate Your Leadership Journey

Transformational leadership programs, short courses and webinars that deliver lasting impact.

Grounded in best practice methodologies and research, we provide learning opportunities that facilitate massive mindset shifts and behavioural change.

You might be focused on developing the leadership potential of your new managers, middle managers or those running your organisation. Or perhaps you need learning and development solutions for your entire workforce. Clients come to us for our real-world products because they:

All key ingredients in the recipe for lasting impact and behavioural change.

Our key programs

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16 CPD Credits

The absolute baseline management program that every new manager and leader needs. A perfect refresher for experienced managers looking for quick wins.

48 CPD Credits
A fully immersive and gold standard leadership development program that changes people’s lives. Turning managers into intentional leaders.
40 CPD Credits

A leadership program challenging those in experienced and senior leadership roles. Transforming them into influential leaders.

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Learning to be the best leader you can be

Hear what our participants had to say about their learning journey. See how we transform people and businesses to create a lasting impact.

More than Just training

Workforce solutions

Short Courses

Skills based learning for everyone that covers the most critical skills needed in business today.


Learn on the go – anywhere, anytime. Enhance your leadership skills with our live 1-hour webinars.

Development Day

Development Days

Sharpen your skills and stay ahead of the latest trends with three hours of learning in one day, every quarter.


Gain recognition for your leadership skills by obtaining the highest status that can be achieved as a manager or leader globally.

The rigour behind our solutions

Unleashing Transformational Growth

The rigour behind our solutions

Our learning and development programs work because we’ve spent years perfecting the recipe. With a deep understanding of how adults learn best, our Programs start with self-awareness. We know that to be a leader and lead well, you must be able to understand yourself. This is where you will start, and only then will you move on to learn how to manage people and the business.

The 70, 20, 10 methodology created by Lombardo & Eichinger is the foundation from which our Programs are built. We firmly believe that the most transformative learning comes from reflection, work-based practice and experiments. For that reason, our programs and short courses are not about sitting in a classroom and receiving a lecture. They include holistic experiences, using a unique combination of coaching, line manager involvement to ensure accountability, self-reflection and workplace application.

This is what makes us different, because we aren’t bound to accredited training regulations, we build programs that result in real behavioural change.

This speaks to the way that IML do business, encouraging collaboration, openness, and an alignment to their vision of creating better managers and leaders for a better society. My membership feels more like a partnership, and as Managing Director of IMPACT Community Services, I have invested in strengthening our partnership by joining as a Corporate IML member. Every year, our team get the opportunity to participate in development days and webinars, in addition to being encouraged to complete one of the IML Intentional Leadership programs.

Tanya O'Shea CMgr FAIM

Managing Director - IMPACT Community Services Bundaberg

“This was one of the best training sessions conducted (by Grant Withrington) for having ‘Performance Conversations’. So relatable, excellent sharing of life experiences and showing us how to progress with employees to bring out their strengths and not destroy the person due to outdated programming that we hold (that just doesn’t work). So, a big thank you and hope that this particular training model is used for our Executive Leadership team and high-level Directors.”

Nicole Wells

Administration Officer - Department of Environment and Science

I’ve just enjoyed two days of lively discussions engaging with other public sector managers completing the People Matters training program. It was interesting to be the only Queensland Corrective Services representative yet so many staffing challenges cut across organisational lines. I really appreciated hearing different perspectives to management and also gaining a deeper self-awareness of communication preferences as we analysed out DiSC profiles.

Lauren Ritchie

Operational Policy & Practice Group, Queensland Corrective Services.

“The Performance Conversations sessions run by IML have been received really well at DES. Participants found the content engaging, practical and extremely well delivered. IML have taken the time to really understand our organisation and the facilitators do a great job in meeting participants where they are at in their learning journey. In addition to this, IML are very responsive, have great attention to detail and are great to work with.”

Daan Wijker

Principal HR Officer, Workforce Strategy and Capability, Department of Environment and Science

The pilgrimage from corporate to entrepreneur has not been without its challenges or rewards and my ten-year Membership with the Institute has contributed immeasurable value to this journey. The Institute has provided me with access to diverse connections, mentoring opportunities; hearing from interesting individuals on stimulating topics and enabled me to be part of a larger management community.

Kistin Gunnis AFIML

Founder, Professional Women’s Lunches

Joining IML ANZ has been one of the best decisions I’ve made professionally – the many resources available as part of the Membership at no extra cost make this the best value for money of any of my memberships and are of such wonderful quality.

Lauren Garvey CMgr AFIML

National Manager, Credit and Collections, Golder Associates

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