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Management Essentials

The absolute baseline management course that every manager and leader needs.

Develop your practical leadership skills

Every single day, people are promoted into management roles. Often, they get there because of tenure or individual contributor performance. It’s likely that they have never been provided with guidance or support on how to actually manage and lead. We call this the “accidental manager”. This course provides the building blocks to solve that problem. It’s short, sharp and builds confidence straight away.


  • 2 full days of face-to-face or virtual learning
  • 2 diagnostic reports: DiSC Behaviour Profiling and the IML 360 Feedback Survey
  • Access to the Mentoring Program
  • 12 months of Membership with the Institute
  • 12 months access to the Institute’s online learning portal
  • In partnership with the Black Dog Institute, an e-learning module designed to build the skills leaders need to care for their mental health and support others at work

Here’s how the Management Essentials Course delivers value:

Fast and effective learning

Short and punchy and only two days out of your working life

Develop your leadership skills

Dip your toe in the water with this program and receive some quick wins on your leadership journey. You’ll walk away feeling more confident, understand your role as a leader better and be able to face management challenges head-on

Access to effective tools

Receive the building blocks for transformative development

Positively reviewed

On completion of this program, we often hear this: “I was totally out of my depth, now I feel more confident as a leader”
Low cost, low risk, low time constraints.
Plus, it includes 12 months of membership with the Institute to continue your leadership development journey.
Hello complimentary mentoring!

Learning outcomes

  • Develop self-awareness and manage personal and professional development
  • Improve people leadership through effective communication, motivation and performance management
  • Manage conflict and understand the essentials of a high performing teams
  • Create strategies for developing a safe and positive workplace
  • Explore the GROW coaching model and develop practical coaching skills

Take me on the journey

Are you interested to see what the journey will look like? Here is the typical Management Essentials Course experience.


A critical component of your entire journey. This stage requires you to undertake online diagnostic surveys. These are more than a basic personality quiz; they are powerful tools that will set you up for success.

You'll also receive access to our online learning portal where you can read and engage with articles and video presentations. These online sessions form an introduction and deeper dive to reinforce your face-to-face learning.

Facilitated learning

Module 1 – Understanding yourself

To be a great leader you must start with knowing how to lead yourself. You’ll learn why the power of managing your own time and priorities has huge impact as well as how to make decisions and problem solve. Understand how you can look after your own wellbeing and build resilience.

Module 2 – Leading people

The most difficult shift from specialist to leader is the management of people. We've dived into managing ourselves and now we are ready to turn to how we lead others. In this module, we cover important topics like setting expectations, managing performance, conflict resolution and effective communication.

Module 3 – High impact teams

In this module we move from managing individuals into how to best manage a team as a cohesive unit. We'll provide you with tools and techniques that will help you build teams, nurture different personalities and motivate your team. You will also learn how to step into the role of a coach.

Module 4 – Maintaining momentum

With all of these new tools in your toolkit, you'll want to keep momentum. For our final module, we will teach you how to delegate effectively so that you can develop your team. We will also walk you through how to create and maintain a positive work environment.

Ongoing support

12 months of Membership with the Institute gives you access to our award-winning Mentoring Program and a network of thousands of managers and leaders from every industry across Australia and New Zealand. Receive thought leadership, access to Development Days, networking opportunities and discounted short courses.


A$1,495 incl GST (Member price)
A$1,995 incl GST (Retail price)

Supporting workplace mental health for leaders

Managers and leaders play a significant role in creating a mentally healthy workplace. The Institute of Managers and Leaders ANZ has partnered with the Black Dog Institute (BDI) to ensure every participant going through one of our leadership programs has access to the BDI Workplace Mental Health for Leaders e-Learning module, specifically designed to build the knowledge and skills of workplace leaders to care for their mental health and support others at work.

Ready to enrol?

Browse all available dates and make your booking below.

Please Note: Starting times for VIRTUAL courses commence at 8am AEDT (Sydney Time) to allow for delivery across multiple states and time zones.

Name Date Time Location Member Non Member
Management Essentials 6 - 20 August 2024 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Auckland
Management Essentials 5 - 20 September 2024 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Sydney
Management Essentials 5 - 19 September 2024 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Melbourne
Management Essentials 10 - 24 September 2024 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Brisbane
Management Essentials 11 - 25 September 2024 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Wellington
Management Essentials Virtual 10 - 24 October 2024 08:00 am - 04:00 pm Virtual
Management Essentials Virtual 13 - 27 November 2024 08:00 am - 04:00 pm Virtual
Management Essentials 13 - 27 November 2024 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Auckland


Do participants receive a completion certificate?

Yes! At the completion of your course, you are presented with a formal hard copy certificate.

Not only that, but you are also awarded 12 months of membership with the Institute which provides you with access to a whole raft of member benefits like networking events, webinars, Development Days, mentoring, discounts and more.

What industry backgrounds is this course suitable for?

Managers and leaders exist in every business, in every industry. The content in this course is not industry specific. It applies to all managers and leaders. With over 80 years of experience in supporting managers and leaders, we know that the challenges faced by managers and leaders are consistent no matter what industry you operate in.

Previous participants come from all walks of life and all industries – from healthcare to retail, agriculture to government, construction to IT and professional services. It does not matter what industry you work in; this course will be relevant to you.

What is the difference between the virtual and face-to-face courses? Which format is better for me?

Both options have their benefits, and the best format will depend upon your unique needs. Our facilitators are the best in the business, and they facilitate both in-person and virtually. This means that no matter what option you choose, you have access to the same industry leading facilitators. Similarly, the content is the same. In a virtual setting, when small groupwork is required, facilitators make use of online break-out rooms via Zoom.

The virtual option appeals to those that are not located close to one of our offices or who would prefer not to travel into each session. The virtual option makes our courses accessible to everyone, no matter where you are located. The in-person option allows you to connect face to-face with people in your cohort, offering a unique networking opportunity.

Both options provide plenty of break time.

What time do the sessions start and finish?

The facilitated sessions run for a full workday. This is usually from 9:00am to roughly 5:00pm AEST, with breaks for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. There may be some virtual sessions that run from 8:00am to 4:00pm AEST to accommodate the time difference for any New Zealand based participants. Exact timing can be found in the Ready to Enrol section of this page.

Who will facilitate my course?

We have a team of over 30 facilitators. This team has hundreds of years of combined experience and are considered the leading facilitators in Australia and New Zealand in management and leadership.

They have all been chosen for their leadership background and lived experience in management and leadership roles, as well as the engaging way in which they facilitate and deliver our courses.

You will be notified about the details of your facilitator with your booking confirmation. You can also find the facilitators for upcoming courses by perusing our calendar here.

I have booked into the course. What happens next?

You will receive a note and calendar invitations for your program at least 2 weeks before your first day. You will also be required to nominate colleagues to complete your diagnostic surveys and complete the surveys yourself. This is a critical step in the journey. You may also receive an article to read before your first session and some videos to watch in our online Learning Portal.

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Course Overview


Aspiring managers, new managers and anyone needing a refresh. You may have been a manager for years but have never done any formal training.


Two full days of face-to-face or virtual learning.


A$1,495 incl GST (Member price)
A$1,995 incl GST (Retail price)

CPD Credits

16 CPD Credits
Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours represents the credits towards your overall requirements as part of a CPMgr accreditation.


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