Elevate your career. Accredit your leadership.

Formal accreditations are the perfect way to demonstrate your skill, expertise and commitment to management and leadership excellence. Consider becoming an accredited manager with us!

We offer two industry recognised professional accreditations:

Certified Practising Manager (CPMgr)

CPMgr is an Australian and New Zealand developed accreditation that will stand you out from the crowd. This industry-recognised designation will demonstrate your skills and expertise as a professional manager and leader. This is the start of a commitment to being the best manager and leader you can be.

Chartered Manager

Chartered Manager is a global accreditation for management and leadership professionals. Recognised by Royal Charter, Chartered Manager has transformed the lives and careers of thousands of leadership professionals and the organisations they lead globally by raising the standard of management.

Take the time to reflect on how far you’ve come as a leader

Undertaking an accreditation is an excellent way to stop, reflect and acknowledge your success.

Participants tell us that when they finish the process, they experience:

Reaffirm your potential and celebrate what you have already achieved. Learn more about becoming an accredited manager and leader here.

Meet Chartered Manager Tanya O'Shea
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Make your mark. Get accredited.

Meet Chartered Manager Tanya O’Shea. #GoChartered