Do you want your management and leadership expertise to be professionally recognised?

Becoming a CPMgr recognises that you are a professional manager, differentiating you from others in your industry or profession. It proves that you:

  • Meet the qualifications, skills and experience that are the benchmark of professional excellence in management and leadership.
  • Are invested in your growth and development as a leader.

Professional accreditation isn’t just a badge—it will elevate your management and leadership journey by accelerating your growth, supercharging your skill development, and boosting your confidence. Not to mention the value given by employers for your demonstrated expertise in management and leadership.

Commit to your continuous professional development with a Certified Practising Manager accreditation (CPMgr) – a professional accreditation recognising expertise and excellence for managers and leaders in Australia and New Zealand.

Why become a Certified Practising Manager?

Here’s six compelling reasons to obtain a professional accreditation with us.


CPMgr is a commitment, by you, to continuous improvement and ongoing development as a professional manager.


With so much change within the workplace, it’s imperative to stay up to date and relevant within your profession. Our focus and emphasis on CPD help to keep your knowledge and skills current.   


Credibility as a manager and leader comes from the belief and trust in your knowledge and skills from those you work with and plays out each day as a CPMgr.


By establishing this designation in the market, you will receive the recognition you deserve by attaining and retaining an employment benchmark.


Wear this badge proudly and earn respect from peers, employers, and stakeholders within your networks.


Ultimately, the benefits from certification are the opportunities that will open as you develop yourself and a manager and leader.

Key features

  • Membership with the Institute and the wealth of benefits and support available. Read more here.
  • Minimum standards of entry on application covering experience, knowledge, and skill levels.
  • A thorough and reflective assessment process focused on your knowledge and skills and strengths and development areas.
  • A capstone unit as a final step covering the IML Code of Conduct, Management and Leadership principles and CPD requirements.
  • A real focus on Continuing Professional Development.
  • Access to our CPD Portal to assist you with your yearly CPD requirements.


First, you’ll need to become an Institute Member. Then, you will complete a three-stage application process involving approximately 10 hours of work.
This process can be completed at your own pace. It usually takes applicants an average of 6-8 weeks to be awarded accreditation.

There is a one off assessment fee of A$195 (including GST). This is a current introductory special offer (normally $295).

To maintain your accreditation, you will need to continue to be an Individual Member of the Institute. 

The journey

The journey to becoming a Certified Practising Manager doesn’t just end at the completion of your assessment. This is the start of a commitment to being the best manager and leader you can be. Here’s what is involved throughout the application process and beyond:  

Pre-assessment suitability review

Everyone's journey to management and leadership is different. So, there are many different pathways that can help you achieve Certified Practising Manager status.

You will be suitable to apply for accreditation if you fall into one of the following four pathways:

Pathway A

  • At least 2-3 years of quality experience managing two or more direct reports during the review period (last 3 years). Individual cases considered on merit.
  • Relevant Bachelors level qualification. At least two or more units undertaken in management or leadership subjects.

Pathway B

  • At least 3-4 years of quality experience managing two or more direct reports during the review period (last 3 years). Individual cases considered on merit.
  • A minimum Certificate IV level qualification in management and leadership.

Pathway C

  • At least 3-4 years of quality experience managing two or more direct reports during the review period (last 3 years). Individual cases considered on merit.
  • Completion of IML Foundations of Intentional Leadership Program OR completion of IML Accelerate Program for Executive Leaders.

Pathway D

  • At least 5-7 years of quality experience managing two or more direct reports during the review period (last 3 years).
  • No formal qualification requirement.
Skills based assessment

You will be required to complete a skills-based reflection application form. This reflection requires you to detail:

  • Your career including your management and leadership journey.
  • Your key professional achievements.
  • Examples of how you have demonstrated relevant competencies from the IML Competency Framework.
  • The application of a range of current management and leadership skills within your workplace.

This stage also requires you to complete an IML 360 diagnostic survey to identify your strengths and development areas. Using your survey results, you will then create a 12-month development plan in the CPD Portal.

Referee reviews

You will need to provide at least two referees that have had a management relationship with you during your respective pathway period (see Pathways outlined above). An upward line manager should be one of those referees.

External assesor interview (if required)

We may request an external assessor interview to clarify any inconsistencies or unsatisfactory answers in the skills-based reflection document and/or referee stage.

CPMgr Capstone Unit

Applicants must attend a live virtual capstone session hosted by the Institute. These sessions are hosted monthly and attendance at one session is compulsory for all approved applicants before being awarded accreditation.

The session will take two to three hours and will cover topics like the central tenets of good management and leadership practice, independent development plans, the CPD requirements of your accreditation, the Institute's Code of Conduct and how to get involved in our Membership community.

Ongoing continuing professional development

Undertaking yearly continuing professional development (CPD) is compulsory to retain and maintain CPMgr accreditation. Certified Practising Managers are required to obtain a minimum of 48 credits per 2-year period (which equates to 48 hours of professional development or 2 hours per month).

All of the Institute's Short Courses, Programs, webinars, and events carry CPD credit points. CPD points can also be obtained by attending other conferences and courses, L&D activities and other informal ways of learning. CPD points must be logged within your CPD Portal profile.