Corporate Solutions - In-house Short Courses

Develop strengths or target specific development areas

Depending on your time, budget and need to develop skills within your business, then our suite of short courses could be the perfect solution. Targeting the skills needed most in business today, we provide a comprehensive suite of short courses designed for all levels of staff that can be delivered in-house.

Tackle skills gaps and target specific development areas in your business right now. Partner with us to develop a series of short courses designed exactly for your business, focusing on the areas where you need to see the most improvement. Our range of short course topics are delivered by expert facilitators and focus on practical, real-life application – all from the comfort of your own workplace.

Don't have the time or budget to put your people through a wider leadership course?

Consider packaging up a suite of short courses into an in-house training series – you may need just one or two or quite a few. This option gives your business complete flexibility, while still accessing the highest quality learning material. They’re delivered in-house when it suits you best, saving you time and money. Ideally delivered in a one-day format, we can work with you to find the format, length and time that works best for you.

Here’s some other reasons why a package of short courses can benefit your business:

Topics we cover

Choose them all or just a few. Our popular topics are listed below.
Mate to Manager
Help your people transition from individual contributors into managers.
Time and Priority Management
Essential for all roles, help your people take control and focus on what matters most.
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Get your people thinking creatively and with innovation and equip them with the skills most needed for the future workplace.
Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Build stronger relationships, trust and empathy in your business.
Build Resilience through Change
Help your people manage change and stress better.
Critical Conversations at Work
Equip your people with the skills to tackle difficult conversations in the workplace.
Build Teams to Perform
Enable your leaders so that they can engage, manage and develop their teams in the contemporary workplace.
Communication Essentials
Understand personality styles and communication barriers and improve questioning and listening skills in your business.
Lead People and Performance
Create a more consistent and disciplined approach to managing performance across your business.
Powerful Presentations
Give your people the confidence to present and speak with impact in front of groups.
Project Management Fundamentals
Learn from our real-life case study approach to follow a project from conception through to completion and review.
DiSC Debrief
Utilising the DiSC tool, get your people on the same page by helping them understand the different workplace styles of their colleagues and how they can adapt to each style for better workplace outcomes.
Performance Conversations
Develop a culture of feedback, that goes beyond the yearly or twice-yearly performance review discussion.
Coaching to Empower
Modern managers need to know how to coach – learn about the GROW framework, how to listen and question for optimum coaching.
The Motivation Mindset
Develop your team's awareness of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations so that they can inspire and engage the people around them.
Even great leaders can learn or be reminded of things from this course.


Lead People and Performance

Found this workshop very beneficial, frameworks were helpful and presenters’ knowledge was extensive.


Communication Essentials

This helped me be more aware of my feelings, how to manage them and connect with my team members on an individual basis.


Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Great intro to leadership with practical tools to use immediately.



Learning how to remove emotions and setting clear expectations in conversations was valuable.


Critical Conversations

Corporate Solutions - In-house Short Courses

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