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Workplace Conversations

Join IML ANZ’s best facilitators as we explore the critical skill of communication in the workplace.
Development Day: Workplace Conversations

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Master the art of workplace conversations

Even in an increasingly digitally-focused world, the importance of the workplace conversation remains paramount. Especially as online interactions overtake our every day workplace conversations, the art of intentional and effective verbal communication has never been a more essential skill. From performance discussions, to mentoring colleagues, to casual interactions, daily workplace conversations are critical in engaged, productive and successful organisations.

This Virtual Development Day will equip you and your staff with the skills to master verbal communication.

Special Thanks

We would like to say a big thank you also to our speakers Mark Jones, Grant Withrington, Damien Edmonds and Marni Cook.

Your free replays to the sessions are below. These are a great way to recap on the insights provided by our three experts on defining new ways of working in 2023 and beyond.

Please feel free to share them with friends and colleagues. We look forward to seeing you at the next Development Day. If you would like to learn more about other helpful programs at IML ANZ click here.

The Changing Face of Performance Conversations

Facilitator: Mark Jones

Learn how to adapt your approach and create effective performance conversations.

Collaborate by Promoting Disagreement at Work

Facilitator: Grant Withrington

Navigate disagreement in a way that gets people aligned, engaged and working together, resulting in better workplace outcomes and productivity.

Moving from Autocratic to Democratic Conversations

Facilitator: Damien Edmonds

Unpack how to use a conversational style to improve your workplace communications.

Influencing Performance via Assertive Communication

Facilitator: Marni Cook

Learn the four techniques required to influence team members, direct reports, stakeholders and even line managers in the workplace.

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