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No more BAU. Bounce forward through adaptability

Catch up on recorded sessions from IML ANZ’s seventh Development Day: No more BAU. Bounce forward through adaptability.
Development Day: No more BAU. Bounce forward through adaptability.

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Shift from being reactive to become proactive

The difference between resilience and adaptability has been likened to the difference between bouncing back and bouncing forward. While resilience has had a lot of attention during the pandemic, successful people and workplaces are catching onto the power of adaptability and the impact it has on positively shaping the post-pandemic landscape.

Adaptability can be broken into three equally important parts: cognitive flexibility or keeping an open mind, emotional flexibility, and finally remaining optimistic (and realistic) about your situation. Understanding each, and building knowledge and skills across these competencies will provide a strong foundation as circumstances change.

We’re thrilled you could join us at our Development Day, focused on adaptability and building team agility. If you missed the live event or want to catch up on any of the sessions, please find the recorded sessions below for you to watch.

Making the case for rapid change

Facilitator: Pip Turner

Every year, countless reports seek to identify the key skills that companies need most to inform learning, upskilling, and training and development programs. To date, adaptability and resilience have both been voted in the top five skills that companies need most in annual LinkedIn surveys year after year.​ Join us as we discuss what adaptability is, how we can measure it, and what we can do to proactively improve our own levels of adaptability.

Rediscover your adaptability and flourish beyond fear

Facilitator: Stephen Gibb

In today’s workplace, rapid, constant, and disruptive change is the norm, compared to the consistency of past years. What worked in the past is no longer a guide to what will succeed in the future, with perpetual states of fear, languishing and imposter syndrome hindering our potential for growth. The solution is adaptability – use this session to help unlock your potential and recognise the emergent possibility abundant in the world around you.

Setting the stage for adaptability through improv

Facilitator: Shannon Cooper

If we have learned anything over the last two years it is that leaders, teams and organisations need to be flexible, adaptable and nimble as they solve new challenges and try to embrace emerging opportunities. Learn how to incorporate the guiding principles of improvisation, or “improv” into your work and create a culture ready to meet people where they are and move forward with a spirit of teamwork, collaboration and adaptability.

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