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Dealing with the tough stuff – handling conflict and difficult situations

Join IML ANZ’s best facilitators as we explore how to overcome difficult workplace situations.
Development Day: Dealing with the tough stuff – handling conflict and difficult situations

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Overcome tough situations in the workplace

Nothing causes stress and anxiety quite like dealing with difficult workplace situations. You might need to have a difficult conversation with your boss, manage a challenging situation with a colleague, or carry out a sensitive discussion with your team. All these scenarios can be very overwhelming.

Whilst you can’t avoid the tough stuff in the workplace, learning to overcome these situations can yield enormous benefits for you and your team. Effectively tackling these tricky scenarios can lead to improved team and individual performance and productivity.

Our fourth Development Day brings together four industry experts to discuss how you can overcome difficult workplace situations. You’ll learn solid tactics and strategies that you can bring back to your workplace to handle tricky situations with ease and impact.

Special Thanks

We would like to say a big thank you also to our speakers Mark Jones, Marni Cook, Rupert Bryce and Grant Withrington.

Your free replays to the sessions are below. These are a great way to recap on the insights provided by our three experts on defining new ways of working in 2023 and beyond.

Please feel free to share them with friends and colleagues. We look forward to seeing you at the next Development Day. If you would like to learn more about other helpful programs at IML ANZ click here.

Problem worker or worker with a problem-solving deficiency?

9am-10am AEST
Facilitator: Mark Jones

Learn how to identify underdeveloped problem-solving skills and deal with frustration tolerance within your team.

Dealing with tough staff: personality and conflict

10:30am-11:30am AEST
Facilitator: Marni Cook

Uncover how different personality types respond to conflict and learn how to achieve a win/win outcome.

Coaching skills for leaders

12:30pm-1:30pm AEST
Facilitator: Rupert Bryce

Understand the 5 functions of a team and key coaching skills for leaders so you can manage conflict and difficult situations.

Managing up – how to have difficult conversations with your boss

2pm-3pm AEST
Facilitator: Grant Withrington

Master the skill of managing up and effectively manage tough conversations freely and openly.

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