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On leadership development tools from around the web

On emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence apps

MEIT (mobile emotional intelligence test)

MEIT performs an emotional intelligence test, evaluating how good we are at perceiving how others are feeling. The app asks you to rate the emotions expressed by a series of human faces in categories like anger, happiness, fear, and disgust. It will also test your ability to assign the correct emotional label to different faces.

The Mood Meter App


From the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence, the Mood Meter mobile app is designed build emotional intelligence.


On 360 feedback

Why leadership development programs fail. (McKinsey & Co.)

Top executives need feedback — here’s how they can get it. (

On 360-degree feedback from the Centre for Creative Leadership. (CCL)

On personal excellence

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means, how to respond. (World Economic Forum)

10 things you may not know about emotional intelligence. (Leadership Options)

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