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Does Your Position Vacancy Standout?

Advancements in technology continue to challenge the recruitment landscape. For job seekers, the internet enables them to view thousands of vacant job opportunities from typing a few words into a search engine and selecting ‘enter.’

Due to the number of opportunities job seekers now have access to, organisations must start looking at ways to make their role vacancies stand out. As silly as it sounds, recruitment is turning into a marketing function as well as a HR function. This explains why many organisations are starting to develop employer branding videos as part of their candidate attraction strategy. For example, Employment Office, Hays Recruitment, KPMG and Herbert Smith Freehills have all created employer branding videos to attract candidates. Let’s take a look at why these videos give these organisations a competitive advantage when recruiting the best talent.

Hays Recruitment

Hays Recruitment has been known to create a series of #YourHaysStory videos to attract candidates to their vacant roles. These videos focus on the competitive aspects of their employer brand to attract candidates. For example, one recent video focused on their value of career development and highlighted their extensive training programs to support employees in their career. For individuals that are ambitious and career focused, a video such as this one would be valuable in creating a desire to work for the organisation.

Employment Office

Employment Office’s employer branding video is so powerful due to its unique and unscripted design. In particular, this video capitalises on the fun-loving and close-knit nature of the work environment through phrases such as: ‘it is like a family here’ and ‘I could hug everyone in the office.’ The inclusion of bloopers in their video is also a clever way of creating a realistic job preview and developing a stronger connection between the candidate and the organisation.


KMPG’s recruitment video also stands out as it shows a comparison between the type of people that work for them and the type of people that wouldn’t be suited to their company. For prospective candidates, this provides reassurance of the types of personalities they are unlikely to be working with and also develops a stronger insight into the corporate culture. The use of terminology, such as ‘constantly changing’ and ‘never the same’ also attract candidates that are looking for a diverse and challenging role.

Herbert Smith Freehills

The video developed by Herbert Smith Freehills places significant emphasis on their value for collaboration as well as the opportunities to go global with the organisation. Throughout the video, scenes of their high quality work environments are cleverly integrated to develop further desire from job seekers.

Evidently, employer branding videos can be a powerful tool for marketing role vacancies. However, there is definitely a right and wrong way of doing them! The videos in this article have proven that the most effective employer branding videos are ones that are innovative, focussed and genuine. When designing an employer branding video for your organisation, it is important to consider how your video would stand out and also what the key message is that you want a potential applicant to understand.




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