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How to retain talent through learning and development
September 26, 2019
By Chris Burton   Increasingly, successful organisations understand that providing impactful development programs not only deliver performance benefits, it also provides a wonderful way to engage and retain staff who value learning and professional growth. But what does that look like in practise?   USE FEEDBACK TO INFORM DECISIONS Many organisations use psychometric feedback tools […]
How remuneration data is enabling success in the disability sector
July 11, 2019
As markets change and jobs adapt the pressure on HR decision makers increases. You are the ones relied upon with the complex task of designing jobs correctly to ensure they attract, engage and retain the best person for the role. This is the tough reality for Australia’s disability sector who’ve seen a major employment shake-up […]
Improving team performance through people analytics
February 25, 2019
We live in an era of data-driven insights, a time when new and innovative ways of collecting, analysing and organising information pique our interest on a regular basis. In the modern workplace, a common HR practice is to use people analytics to answer critical questions about an organisation’s operational environment. Psychometric tools, in particular, can […]
Are We Doing Enough to Support the Mental Wellbeing of Our Workforce?
November 22, 2018
There is no denying that the contemporary business environment is taking a toll on the mental wellbeing of our workforce. Roles are no longer as permanent as what they used to be, there is a constant pressure to upskill and organisational change is never far around the corner. Understandably, this creates uncertainty and places additional […]
Does Your Position Vacancy Standout?
November 22, 2018
Advancements in technology continue to challenge the recruitment landscape. For job seekers, the internet enables them to view thousands of vacant job opportunities from typing a few words into a search engine and selecting ‘enter.’ Due to the number of opportunities job seekers now have access to, organisations must start looking at ways to make […]
5 Reasons Why Salary Data Is Worth Investing In
May 22, 2018
Think all salary surveys are pretty much the same? Think again. If you’re managing a business or working in Human Resources, it’s your responsibility to keep up with remuneration trends across your industry. After all, there are many factors that influence how employees are paid – from changing customer demands to broader economic trends. If […]
Making Staff Retention Your Priority
November 17, 2017
    Staff retention should be an organisational priority at all times. Recruiting new employees with the right skills set and cultural fit can be timely and costly, and with often serious competition for strong talent.   Smart organisations work hard to effectively manage, develop and retain internal talent. The 2017 Staff Retention Report investigates […]
How To Manage Your Star Employee
October 9, 2017
Written by Nicola Heath When managed well, a star employee can be a great asset to an organisation. If not, they can become a toxic presence in a team.   Capable, high-performing star employees can be a valuable addition to a team – if they are managed well. Simon Smith is founder and CEO of […]
No Budget For Bonuses? Don't Despair
September 19, 2017
    How to motivate with less. By Candice Chung When companies experience a squeeze on budgets, managers often face the legitimate fear that it can dampen staff morale. What happens, for instance, when a lean fiscal year brings with it an ineluctable freeze on pay rises and bonuses? It’s a tough piece of news […]
The Proactive Approach To Retention
March 27, 2017
Kate Jones outlines how a multi-pronged approach to managing staff can reap significant dividends in terms of staff retention. Put your workers first, your customers second and your shareholders third, says Richard Branson, and the rest will take care of itself. Prioritising staff ahead of customers bucks the “customer comes first” mantra corporations have held […]


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