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4 reasons to trust (valid and reliable) psychometric assessments
August 17, 2018
It goes without saying that human behaviour is incredibly complicated. It’s determined by an intricate combination of factors, and – as you can imagine – trying to predict how a person is going to behave, or react, or perform is no easy task. Enter psychometrics, whose goal is to get accurate and unbiased insight into […]
The ‘Intentional Leader’ in the age of work/life blend
March 13, 2018
Way back in 1994 I took delivery of my very first (and sadly, only!) company car. Naturally, I thought I’d made it! I thought I had finally arrived at the top of the tree. It was a bright red Renault 18 with lots of fancy stuff, like part leather seats, air-conditioning and electric windows. Oh, […]
What Makes The Leader of the Pack
August 14, 2017
  Great leaders are workhorses, not show horses By Sam Bell FIML The Institute of Managers and Leaders General Manager Corporate Services and Research   In June ‘the suspended schoolboy turned disruptive CEO’ was finally removed from his post at CPA Australia. Alex Malley left the membership-based accounting body with a payout of $4.9 million […]
Let's Talk Leadership: With Stephanie McConachy MIML
July 24, 2017
Stephanie McConachy MIML is part of the new generation of leaders and is passionate about equipping young managers with the knowledge and skills to manage staff and develop further in their chosen careers. Having recently joined the Institute of Managers and Leaders Board of Directors after three years on the Emerging Leaders Board, McConachy is […]
Transitioning To Retirement
July 5, 2017
  Employment specialist Peter Barber FIML talks to Nicola Heath about how to make retirement and semi-retirement work for you.     What makes a fulfilling retirement? It’s a question Baby Boomers, the five million or so Australians born between 1946 and 1966, are having to face as they reach retirement age. The answer is not […]
Encouraging diversity in your workplace
March 27, 2017
Many organisations now recognise that a diverse workplace is not only something to aim for on equity grounds, it is also strength that enriches and expands the skill sets and understanding of an organisation. A workplace that values diversity can increase employee job satisfaction, in turn reducing staff turnover, as well as harness perspectives and insights […]
The Conversation: A Measure Of Love
February 14, 2017
Fitness Industry high flyer Elaine Jobson says setting a strategy means finding a vision that ignites your entire team and rallies them to your case. But first, take the time to listen   Elaine Jobson FAIM is a fitness industry veteran who, over the past 23 years, has worked for a number of large fitness […]
The problem with the open-plan office and how to fix it
January 27, 2017
The open-plan office: collaborative and egalitarian or noisy and unproductive? Whatever your view, it’s a layout many Australian workers are familiar with. The open-plan office developed in the 1950s in post-war Germany and then swept across the corporate world. Its two perceived benefits are cost and increased collaboration. There is no doubt that, on paper, […]
Should a leader drink at the office Christmas party?
December 27, 2016
The premise: Common sense would seemingly advise on the side of caution, but could letting your hair down and having a drink at the company Christmas bash have a positive side? Three experts give their view. You have a lot of inferred power and influence as a leader if you’re getting it right. You don’t want […]
Thumbs up: Feminist PM Justin Trudeau vows to fight for women's rights
December 27, 2016
Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau tops the latest Leadership Matters list for good leadership for his outspoken support for the fight against gender inequality, while Ardent Leisure gets a thumbs down for its handling of the Dreamworld tragedy in October. Justin Trudeau The Canadian PM is a self-declared feminist. In a letter to anti-poverty activist […]