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On going it alone

7 Risks Every Entrepreneur Must Take, Jayson Demers,

How to take smart risks as an entrepreneur, Forbes Magazine

Why entrepreneurs are the most risk-averse people on the planet, Paul B Brown,

On cybersecurity

2015 Global Cybersecurity Status Report, ISACA

Cybersecurity: The new business priority, PWC Consulting

SMEs and Cyber attacks: What you need to know. An infographic from Tower Insurance

What is social engineering? Webfoot

On risk management

The six mistakes executives make in risk management, Nassim Taleb, Daniel Goldstein, and Mark Spitznagel, Harvard Business Review

Addicted to risk, Naomi Klein,

Organizational strategy, business models, and risk management, a presentation by Professor David F Larcker, Center for Leadership Development & Research Stanford Graduate School of Business

On risk policy

Strategic Risk Policy, 2016, Australian Risk Policy Institute

The Insight Edge podcast is now live on iTunes. It includes extended interviews with this month’s guests.

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