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Revisiting the Six Thinking Hats

Many people think from a rational, positive viewpoint; however they may fail to examine a problem from an emotional, intuitive, creative or negative viewpoint. The ‘hats’ are categories of behaviour and their purpose is to direct thinking. Encouraging people to adopt different hats means that they must adopt a perspective that is not necessarily their usual way of thinking.

How this can help me?

By applying de Bono’s ‘Six Thinking Hats’ technique to group decision-making, a decision will be formed through mixing ambition, skill in implementation, imagination and good contingency planning. It enables group members to use one thinking mode at a time – instead of trying to do everything at once.


This week we’re looking at trade delegations: What should you expect? Do they deliver? And how do you prepare? We talk to BRIC and China expert David Thomas, CEO of Think Global.

David has been facilitating business relationships between developed and emerging countries in various capacities for thirty years. He has led a number of trade missions into Asia, with a special focus on China.

We asked David, do trade delegations deliver for small and medium sized businesses? Listen here online, or subscribe to the full series on iTunes, here.

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