On-demand webinars

Virtual Development Day: Workplace Conversations

Collaborate by Promoting Disagreement at Work

Facilitator: Grant Withrington
Host: Sam Bell

Effective communication is vital to the practise of positive Management and Leadership. However, our ability to communicate effectively is often the first workplace skill to suffer when we are confronted by disagreement. Navigating the tricky conversations that accompany disagreement and embracing it as a potentially productive workplace conflict can be difficult but very rewarding.

In this session hear IML Facilitator Grant Witherington provide practical tips and techniques to help you utilise disagreement in a way that gets people aligned, engaged and working together like never before, resulting in better workplace outcomes and productivity.

The Bystander Effect

Facilitator: Rupert Bryce
Host: Scott Martin

There are reasons why people stand by when challenging situations occur. We all have reactions, tendencies and preferences in how we process and behave when confronted with the possible need to act. Our response to these events starts with how we process them emotionally. Being a by-stander is a mechanism of courage and is driven by assumptions and beliefs – both individually and culturally. So what should a good manger be aware of and how can good leaders influence their teams in these situations? Join IML ANZ program facilitator, Rupert Bryce who will discuss the Bystander Effect and look at how our response as managers and leaders can be adapted to build a team of up-standers.

The webinar will discuss:

  • The Psychology of by-standing – thoughts, emotions, behaviours
  • The Internal and external components of the bystander effect
  • What good managers and leaders need to be aware of
  • What leaders can do to influence their teams · Building organisational culture and leadership
  • How to become an up-stander

Time Management Techniques: Are you being paid to do everyone else’s job?

Facilitator: Jacqui Perkins
Host: Parminder Sandhu

In December 1974 Harvard Business Review published an article about time management titled ‘Time Management. Who has got the monkey?’ It was one of the publication’s two best-selling reprints ever. Join us to hear expert facilitator, Jacqui Perkins explore this article and provide you with some very important time management techniques that you or your team can use to get on top of your workload.

The webinar will discuss:

  • Whose monkeys are you carrying and why?
  • Learn how to identify which is your monkey and who the other monkeys belong to
  • Explore why you take that monkey on
  • Discuss strategies to give that monkey back so you can focus on your priorities

Resilience in Self

Facilitator: Lorrain Caruso
Host: Parminder Sandhu

Drawing on the latest learnings from neuroscience, acclaimed facilitator and speaker Lorraine Caruso will share insights into why we respond the way we do under stress, uncertainty, and change, and share small ways in which we can build resilience to bounce back faster in challenging times.

We will work through some of the basic human needs we need to fulfil to help in building resilience, including building a bond with others, strengthening our self-esteem, understanding our meaning and direction, and enjoying our journey.The application of learning through consistent action to build habit will support the strengthening of our resilience. To support your application, we will provide you with clear alignment between the action and the potential outcome (the why), activities you can implement for yourself, and discussion around effective goal setting to set you up for success.

Communication and Personality Styles: What great managers do differently

Facilitator: Jacqui Perkins
Host: Parminder Sandhu

Despite experiencing the same event, different people have varied interpretations of the information being presented. Why does this happen? And how do we respond to the challenges it presents in the workplace? This phenomena is called “fact or story”. We digest information through different filters and these filters are influenced by our personalities, cultures and emotions. This causes difficulties in determining whether we’re passing on facts or stories.

The webinar will help you consider:

  • How am I processing this information? What story am I telling myself and is this story healthy, helpful and productive for what I need to do now?
  • Is my behaviour working for me? Am I delivering this information in a way that the audience will find helpful rather than helpful – depending on their personality profile?
  • Is my behaviour working for me in terms of how I CHOOSE to respond to this situation? What is my natural style in accordance with my personality – and is that going to get me the best response?

Intentional Leadership Foundations Program

Foundations Skills to Fast-Track Your Management Career

Facilitator: Shannon Cooper
Host: Sam Bell

Most new managers struggle, and the cost of that is significant: high turnover, low morale, subpar productivity, and more. This is because for managers, understanding, acknowledging and developing the skill sets they need is easier said than done, particularly with the rapid shift towards a new world of virtual work and blended teams. Compounding this is that the path of a manager is potted with myths and misconceptions that slow the successful progress of new and seasoned leaders.The good news is that there are four keys that can help make a manager’s journey go far more smoothly than ‘jumping in the deep end and hoping to swim’.

Join Sam Bell General Manager, Corporate Services & Research at IML ANZ and facilitator Shannon Cooper, as they discuss the key topics delivered as part of the IML ANZ’s Foundations program and how managers have made the four important shifts to accelerate their growth as leaders in their organisations.

  • Why learning to lead and manage is so hard and why most organisations make it even harder
  • 5 misconceptions that managers often have about their roles
  • The 4 keys that sets managers on the fast track to success
  • A look behind the scenes of the IML Foundations of Intentional Leadership Program, designed to accelerate the growth of our leaders

Intentional Leadership Accelerate Program

4 Steps to Intentional Leadership

Facilitator: Shannon Cooper
Host: Sam Bell

The COVID-19 pandemic and sudden economic impact is challenging for businesses and their leaders. They are confronting a shift and dislocation in how employees work, how customers behave, how supply chains function and even what constitutes business performance.  In confronting these challenges, leaders need to lead in new, expedient and agile ways. Join Sam Bell General Manager, Corporate Services & Research at IML ANZ and facilitator Shannon Cooper, as they discuss the key topics delivered as part of the IML ANZ’s Accelerate program and how our participants have made four important shifts in their leadership in order to calibrate themselves, their teams and their organisations during this crisis.

Our conversation will explore:

  • The increased importance and impact of Intentional Leadership at the senior levels during the pandemic and economic recession
  • How the Accelerate Program is creating leaders who are guiding their organisation from chaos to transformation in the face of disruption
  • Case Studies on how current Accelerate participants are using the curriculum to make 4 relevant, intentional leadership shifts

This webinar is for those mid to senior level managers, seeking development opportunities or HR managers looking at how they can further support their staff.