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How can your workplace help end period poverty?

This is a collaborative article written between women’s charity Share the Dignity and the Institute of Managers and Leaders. Share the Dignity are the official charity partner of IML ANZ’s International Women’s Day Great Debate on 6th March. 

If you’re a woman reading this, you’ve probably been caught out in a public bathroom without a pad or tampon inside your handbag. You probably let out a swear word, a sigh and felt some frustration that you once again forgot to leave a tampon or pad in your bag like you promised yourself you would. You probably folded up a few tissues, placed them inside your underwear and ran to the closest store to purchase some sanitary items without a second thought.

Imagine that choice being clouded with the realisation that if you purchased a packet of pads or tampons, you wouldn’t be able to purchase dinner that night. Would you sacrifice skipping a couple of meals for a packet of tampons? Is that a decision you’ve ever had to justify? Every day, thousands of Australian women are deciding between eating a meal or taking control of their period.

Women’s charity, Share the Dignity, believe every woman has the right to her own dignity and should have access to pads and tampons regardless of her situation. Each year they host two sanitary item drives and an annual ‘It’s In The Bag’ campaign to collect much needed necessities for women across the country doing it tough. They rely heavily on the selfless work of volunteers to coordinate these donations to charities all over Australia. They also supply vending machines filled with free pads and tampons to low socioeconomic areas for those in need.

Without any government funding, Share the Dignity relies on the generosity of the public and corporations to help women in need.

If gender equity and female empowerment are important to you and your organisation, then supporting women who experience period poverty is a great way to make a difference. It doesn’t take much to help solve this issue and make an impact on the lives of thousands of women.

Here are several ways you can assist:

Become a collection point

As a collection point, the public and those within your workplace can donate pads and tampons to your collection box. A volunteer will collect the items and distribute them to local charities.

Make a monthly corporate donation

We all know periods are a monthly occurrence, making a monthly corporate donation ensures women are being assisted each month.

Volunteer your time

Volunteers are valuable assets for this women’s charity. Without them, thousands of women across the country won’t get the help they need. If you have five hours a week you can offer us, we would love your help in coordinating our supplies to those in need.

Support International Women’s Day

IML ANZ is proud to have Share the Dignity as our charity partner for our International Women’s Day Great Debate. On the day, Share the Dignity will be running a raffle to raise much needed funds for those experiencing period poverty.

Learn more about Share the Dignity’s work.

Host a workplace event

Get creative! Host a morning tea for $5 entry, organise a workplace raffle, run a bake sale, a silent auction or a dress up day.

Let your voice be heard

Powerful, passionate and thought-provoking, that’s IML ANZ’s International Women’s Day Great Debate event. This year IML ANZ is once again bringing together six hand-picked, opinionated and accomplished Australian leaders and personalities in an entertaining debate that challenges our ideas of equality, diversity and progress.

To join the Great Debate, book your tickets now!


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