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Empathy, intuitiveness and the strength to deal with complex situations – all vital skills for leaders. Interestingly, these are also natural abilities that most women possess. It’s surprising therefore that the rise in the number of women who sit at the top levels of organisations isn’t happening quickly enough.


Empowering women to lead

According to the latest research by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), there is a need for women to receive support in addressing fears that they lack the skills or experience to make it to the top.

Women need a confidence boost. But that’s not limited to a pat on the back or a novelty reward. They require the skills to tap into their inner strengths.


Uncovering barriers to female success

Our brain creates scripts that are used as shorthand to respond to certain situations, once the situation or context changes we often have scripts that no longer serve us and become error scripts.

Often in our own development, our brain hangs on to these error scripts, that become blockers of our own success and we begin to limit ourselves based on these scripts. This often happens subconsciously as these scripts are stored in our amygdala triggering reflexive actions. We often find ourselves after the event wondering why we behaved that way.

To create true change, we must first look to ourselves and make these changes to our own script as this rewrites society’s scripts on gender.

That’s where programs developed specifically to help women overcome these limiting factors, such as the Women in Life and Leadership (WILL) program can help. WILL assists in tapping into your inner strengths, growing your confidence in life and leadership capabilities, by uncovering and overcoming the blockers of your own success.

Theory U

The WILL program is underpinned by the Theory “U” – developed by two professors in the Netherlands, it is currently used extensively by many organisations around the world.

Theory “U” talks about “expanding the inner place in which we operate”. WILL assists individuals to focus on this via self-reflection.

With the support of leadership experts and body therapists, WILL assists you in understanding how to open your mind, heart and will towards performing at your highest desired levels in life.

The approach has helped many professionals – male and female – to unlock their leadership abilities. One such professional is Abbott Pharmaceuticals’ Human Resources Director, Judy Gambin, who said, “I have overcome challenging career objectives while improving personal balance and wellbeing. I’ve grown in my abilities both professionally and personally.”

The difficulty we face in this time of uncertainty and complexity is not in developing new ideas, but releasing the old, no longer useful ideas, from our lives.


Time to take a U-turn

Join us in taking a “U” turn at our residential workshop in May.

Book by Friday, 26th April and get A$400 off the program.

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