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What’s your leadership career plan?

In this month’s Insight Edge we look at careers and leadership.

To enjoy a long, productive working life and to have an impact on your teams and your organisations, you have to take control of your own career development and apply the principles of agility, flexibility, innovation and resilience, just as you would to a startup business.

The concept of life-long learning has evolved to be life-long personal reinvention, as old jobs disappear and new skills emerge.

For an overview of the emerging dynamics for today’s leaders we have career stories – and essential learnings along the way – from four leaders of iconic companies including Westfield, Oracle, Telstra and Gallup. (Spoiler, a career break is an excellent idea. Beach, anyone?) We also explore the concept of living for a 100 years and what that means for your working life in the face of constant, unpredictable technological change.

If you have, or aspire to have, a career as a leader, at some stage you’ll be knocking on the door of an executive search specialist. (Or maybe they’ll be knocking on your door.) We talk to a recruiter whose focus is sourcing leadership talent for the global media industry. Why? Because media has seen more disruption than most industries, and there are lessons we can all learn about leadership skills and styles that are in demand in a post-digital world.

Did you take our Emotional Intelligence survey?

Last month, we asked about Emotional Intelligence: is it important; do you see evidence of it in your managers and leaders; and does your organisation undertake activities to assess and develop emotional intelligence at work?

  • 95% of respondents believe EI is important for managers in the workplace
  • 89% of respondents have not undertaken activities to assess EI in the workplace
  • While most respondents believe CEOs should have the highest levels of EI, in practice, Managers are regarded as having higher levels of EI, as opposed to Senior Executives or CEOs.


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