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What is your leadership impact?

Leadership is all about the impact. A leader without impact has no followers, creates no change, delivers no outcomes.

But what kind of leadership impact do you aspire to? At AIM we have a vision of the enormous positive impact that strong ethical leaders can have on the communities they work in and the people they work with: ‘better leaders, better managers, for a better society.’ We see remarkable examples of leadership knowledge and skills daily as we interact with Members around Australia.

Impact may come from the passion and drive with which you inspire in your team to deliver on your organisation’s vision as you achieve your business goals.

It may come from the way you work: the attitudes and values you bring to your role, demonstrate in your working life and model for your team.

You might be yet more ambitious, and conceive and create a business that is about social impact first, and bottom line second.

Insight Edge this month considers impact with the following articles:

  • Doing good, while doing well: Can you build a business around a social need and be profitable? We talk to a FinTech entrepreneur about her crusade to illuminate the unethical diamond trade.
  • Leadership crisis: myth or reality, and what can leadership organisations like AIM and The World Economic Forum do to build a robust, ethical leadership culture, here in Australia and around the world?
  • Leading to change the culture of your organisation: how can a CEO create a culture of change, inclusion and openness within the team to deliver lasting impact?

The Insight Edge podcast is now live on iTunes. You can also listen to it online here. It includes extended interviews with this month’s guests. You will enjoy Leanne Kemp’s insights on what it’s like on the inside of a tech incubator, and the lively and thought provoking discussion between AIM CE David Pich and World Economic Forum executive, Mike Hanley. If you missed David Hall’s Outstanding Leader events last month, you’ll enjoy his take on working as CEO of Jetstar and the impact he made building a mentally healthy workplace culture. Please subscribe on iTunes and you can listen to it on the go.

As ever, thanks for reading and for listening, and have a fun, high impact month.

Kirsten Lees

Editor, Insight Edge


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