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Four wellness tips for leaders

By Anthony O’Brien

Wellness is actively pursuing good health and wellbeing, according to Eliza Freney IMLa.

And she would know. As Advanced Sports Dietitian with Cricket Australia, she is overseeing the health of sporting leaders such as test captain Tim Paine and superstar Ellyse Perry.

There are four wellness pillars, including diet, exercise, sleep and mental health, advises Freney.

The more you look after your wellness as a leader, the better placed you are to look after others.

Eliza Freney IMLa
Advanced Sports Dietitian
Cricket Australia

Managers and leaders should focus on each of these to maintain their health and wellbeing.


  • Get familiar with your ‘plate real estate’. Half of your dinner plate should include a variety of salad or vegetables, with the remainder divided between a protein source such as fish, chicken or beef, and carbohydrates such as sweet potato, quinoa or brown rice
  • Eat prebiotic foods such as those high in fibre to promote good gut health
  • Try for five alcohol-free days a week – two standard drinks within two hours of bedtime can impact sleep quality
  • Seek expert advice from a dietitian.


  • Find at least 30 minutes each day to be active – and be creative such as taking walking meetings
  • If you travel regularly check out ClassPass, which provides access to fitness classes and health clubs in Australia and overseas by means of its flat-rate monthly subscription billing service.


  • Sleep is crucial, each night, you should aim for eight hours of quality slumber
  • To achieve good sleep hygiene, turn off devices an hour before hitting the pillow
  • If you travel internationally, use the Timeshifter app, to start transitioning time zones a few days before flying.


  • Beneficial mental health is advantageous to business leadership, so test the Smiling Mind app, which uses guided meditation to help with sleep and stress management
  • Try deep breathing exercises to manage workplace stress.


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