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We are here for you

By David Pich CMgr FIML

IML ANZ Chief Executive

The global spread of COVID-19 has presented us with unprecedented challenges too numerous to list. The Institute recognises that this is an incredibly tough time for businesses, for managers and leaders and for employees around Australia and New Zealand as we all attempt to navigate the evolving impacts of the pandemic.

On behalf of IML ANZ, I want your Institute to offer you as much support as possible during this on-going crisis. It is during times like these that professional associations must step up and support their Members, many of whom have been loyal to us for many years. We want to ensure that our Members feel part of the ‘IML Tribe’ for however long the current social distancing, working from home and isolation measures persist. Last week I wrote about the fact that this is the time for managers and leaders to shine, but it’s also time for your Institute to shine. And shine we will.

It’s time for action from your Institute. It’s time for IML to be there for you.

Stepping up

On 13th March, I asked all IML staff to leave their offices and work from home. We were one of the very first businesses around Australia to do this. This decision was taken to protect the health of our staff and our Members. At the same time, we immediately instigated a detailed plan to convert almost our entire business to a virtual model. This plan – and the speed that we have managed to implement it – means that the Institute is now ready to step up and step in to assist our Membership through this period of adversity. Perhaps more than at any time in IML’s long and illustrious history, your leadership matters. So, your Institute is ready with additional resources and services to support you and your business. 

Here are just three of the offerings we have created for you as part of the IML Tribe:

  • Additional mentoring services with IML Member Exchange.
    In times of unprecedented change, it is essential to be supported by other professionals who can provide objective perspectives and guide you through upcoming challenges. Mentoring is key to intentional leadership and no more so than right now. As such, we’ve launched an additional four-month complimentary mentoring cohort starting in May to support managers and leaders in need of advice from other members of the community in this difficult period. 
  • Resources to stay informed and equipped – Webinars and more!
    With the crisis changing the way we work and lead globally, it’s important to stay up-to-date and abreast of new approaches to leading through the unfolding situation. Our experts have developed a series of on-demand Webinars and articles that are focused on equipping you to combat upcoming challenges. All of our Webinars are free to IML ANZ Members.
  • Virtual Masterclasses on leadership, change, remote working and much more.
    With circumstances changing daily, leading people and businesses during the pandemic requires new and specific change management skillsets. In the absence of classroom learning, we’ve created a series of unique, informative and virtual Masterclasses that prepare you and your staff with the necessary professional skills to lead effectively through uncertain times.

Stay connected

In addition, we understand that working in relative isolation is challenging. We know this because we’re all doing it! We want you to know that, as an IML ANZ Member, you might be working from home, but you are not alone. In times of crisis, our community grows stronger and more resilient when united. The Institute continues to foster spaces for you to connect with like-minded managers and leaders across Australia and New Zealand. Here’s where you can ‘meet’ and connect: 

  • Virtual Member Connects
    Whether you’re talking about your leadership experiences during the pandemic, or you’re seeking advice from others, staying connected to your professional network can be an avenue of support, not only for you but for others in similar circumstances. 
  • Online community
    We want to keep you updated and informed on the latest information and advice for professionals and businesses. One way that we’ll do that is through our social media channels. If you don’t already, please follow us in your preferred social media channel.

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Finally, despite the difficulty of the current situation, I hope you will find confidence in the fact that the IML ANZ community is a resilient one. As one of the oldest and most respected leadership Institutes in the world, we have been connecting managers and leaders with each other for almost 80-years. Over that time, we have always been united by our shared passion for sound management and leadership practice in our teams, organisations and communities. This passion remains. As your Institute, we are determined to support you as a Member – and as a manager and leader – through this extraordinary time.

Rest assured, your Institute is here for you.


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