The Institute of Managers and Leaders was rebranded from the Australian Institute of Management in July 2017, and our research is a more significant part of our organisation than ever. Whilst we refer to ourselves now as the Institute of Managers and Leaders, our past research will remain cited under the Australian Institute of Management for ease of reference and archiving.

Gender Pay Equity 2016
AIM’s 2016 analysis of the gender pay gap is free with the purchase of the 2016 National Salary Survey (or the pre-order of the 2017 National Salary Survey).

Gender Pay Equity 2015
AIM’s 2015 analysis of gender pay differentials indicates that significant differences continue to exist in the amount of pay provided to full-time female and male employees in Australia, although the level of pay differentials appears to be narrowing.

Gender Diversity Management: White Paper
This paper has been produced by AIM in partnership with the Australian National Committee for UN Women (UN Women Australia), as a contribution to leading thought on relevant management topics.

Retaining Women in the Workforce
This AIM survey seeks to explore the key issues behind the low numbers of women in our nation’s executive ranks and the loss of women from the general workforce. Are the reasons linked to pay or the workplace environment? Or are the issues linked to children, family commitments or lifestyle choices responsible for this situation?

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