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Leading Edge: July introduction from Marie-Louise Pearson FIML, Chair of the Board

Welcome to the July edition of Leading Edge.

Leading in a state of flux and making rapid decisions has been the hallmark of great (and some not so great) management and leadership of late. While the agility and resilience of managers continue to be tested, it’s absolutely comforting to know that the Institute can support our profession through the resources, peer networking and knowledge sharing that we all need to tackle change. In this edition of Leading Edge, I’d like to highlight ways your Institute is providing support for managers and leaders to sustain performance in a dynamic business landscape.

There used to be a time when change management was a niche skillset, reserved for specialists or firms who would provide their services to help organisations during one-off change projects. These days, effective change management is a skill expected from all managers and leaders. Change is so common within organisations that you simply must be equipped with the right skills if you lead a team, a project and of course, an organisation. This is why our team has created a practical, easy to use, 12-step action plan to help managers tackle the process of change. We designed this resource based on the information that features in our Intentional Leadership™ Programs. I’m confident that you’ll find this tool a helpful reference, and you can download it in this edition.

Managing change at an organisational level is one of many areas that our Corporate Solutions team can assist managers to enable in their organisation through our suite of tools and resources. Often change involves many underlying elements, such as improving teamwork and communications, and better understanding how individuals respond during times of change. IML ANZ’s Corporate Solutions assists managers in addressing these needs and our team is always ready to help organisations find the right-sized solution for their unique requirements. If you haven’t already engaged with us, please find out more in this month’s Leading Edge. 

Within our IML ANZ community, we are fortunate to interact with managers and leaders who have gone through the types of experiences that build up their capacity for change management. For example, Chris Barnes CMgr FIML, who – after many years of service in the armed forces – is now helping the teams he leads in the public sector to grow and become better at dealing with change. We’re always excited to share these stories with you, and that’s why in the coming weeks you’ll see more of these Member Spotlights in our various social media and online channels. Please read about Chris’s thoughts on leadership in this edition. We couldn’t speak of change in this edition without mentioning the recent appointment of the Institute’s new Interim CEO Sam Bell FIML. Many of you will be familiar with Sam as he has worked closely with the IML ANZ Member community over many years. Our congratulations to Sam as he takes over from former CEO David Pich CMgr FIML who has taken a life change from leading IML ANZ over the past six years. The Board wishes both Sam and Dave well and we are confident that Sam will continue to build-up our ever-growing community and progress the Institute’s own leadership journey.

Marie-Louise Pearson OAM FIML Life Member

Chair of the Board


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