Leadership Outlook

Leadership Outlook 2019 … DETAILS COMING SOON!


The Leadership Outlook Series began in 2016, as IML strived to deliver leadership topics that are current and crucial for the success of today’s managers and leaders. IML looked at organisational culture, the impact of the leader and the shadow of the leader on a business. IML delivered this across 12 locations and to 850 people.

In 2017, IML focused on practical tips for building high performance teams, and the part that leadership plays in this. This was delivered across 17 locations and to 900 people. And in 2018, IML delivered the Leadership Outlook Series across 20 locations and to over 1,500 people on the topic of Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace.

Our mission is to have an impact on leadership wherever leaders are based!


Check out the highlights from our 2017 Leadership Outlook Series: High Performing Teams


The Institute of Managers and Leaders presented the Leadership Outlook Series: Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace 2018, in conjunction with beyondblue

Locations and dates below:

Gippsland – 12th September

Ballarat – 11th September

Perth – 4th September 

Sunshine Coast – 28th March

Brisbane – 28th March 

Toowoomba – 27th March 

Darwin – 27th March

Canberra – 21st March

Newcastle – 21st March

Wollongong – 20th March 

Sydney – 20th March 

Bendigo – 15th March 

Cairns – 15th March 

Mackay – 14th March 

Rockhampton – 14th March 

Townsville – 13th March 

Geelong – 6th March 

Launceston – 2nd March 

Hobart – 1st March 

Adelaide – 1st March 

Melbourne 21st February