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It takes two

Despite their physical distance – Tony is in the UK, and Jeramy is in Sydney – this mentoring partnership proved to be beneficial for both Mentor and Mentee. Working to find the best rhythm and mode of communication as their partnership evolved, Tony and Jeramy have shown that distance is not a barrier to a successful mentoring relationship.  

Tony and Jeramy connected over their shared passion for servant leadership. They have both experienced the benefits of the mentoring experience, proving that the gains are not just there to be experienced by the one being mentored. A theme that ties nicely with servant leadership – gaining by seeing the success and growth in those you’ve helped develop.  

We recently spoke with Jeramy Hope FIML (Divisional Director of Disability Services Australia) and Tony Beaven CMgr FIML (Commercial Integration Director at AFH Wealth Management) about their experience in the IML ANZ Mentoring Program.

What motivated you join the MemX mentoring program?  

Tony (Mentor): After successfully transforming many financial services organisations in the UK and Australia, I realised that many leaders are on the same leadership journey that I took many years ago. However, they struggle to get the support and help they need to develop their capability as executive leaders.  

I must admit to being a self-confessed servant leader and get a buzz out of helping others succeed, so joining the MemX mentoring program felt like the right thing to do. 

Jeramy (Mentee): With over ten years of experience in senior leadership roles for not-for-profits, I was seeking a mentor that could help me develop the leadership skills necessary for me to take the next step. I have a hunger to progress into an executive role in a not-for-profit over the next six to eighteen months. To get there, I needed help in learning how to express and articulate the value I can add at an executive or board level.

What are you thoughts on your Mentor/Mentee match?

Tony: It’s been a great match, as Jeramy is so open to improving his existing leadership skills and journey to become a better leader. 

I really enjoy the interaction and diversity of our conversations. One minute we are discussing how to create, implement and monitor ethical orientation programs to influence the culture of an organisation across multiple geographical locations. The next minute we are discussing how Gary Hamel and Henry Mintzberg’s out of the box contributions can have incredible results in the planning, formulation, and implementation stages of organisational change. 

I personally get a lot of satisfaction from these sessions, as we discuss the theory and then how to practically apply this in an organisational context. 

Jeramy: I think the match is perfect, honestly. Tony has extensive executive experience, operating in roles that I am aspiring to. 

We share similar leadership values – the philosophy of servant leadership and giving back to the sector. We also share similar leadership and study opportunities. Tony is further on his journey, and I’ve been able to learn from his experience.  

What have you gained by being involved in the mentoring program?

Tony: For me personally, being a mentor personifies everything that servant leadership stands for: giving back without a tangible reward except for the reward that money can’t buy, watching the individual learn, develop, and grow into a great leader so they can then pass their newly acquired knowledge onto others.  

The buzz of excitement and satisfaction you get when a mentee lets you know of their achievement or development progress is priceless! 

Jeramy: Confidence! Confidence in my decisions, planning, and leadership thinking. Tony created a space for me to talk through problems; he is a fantastic listener and extremely genuine. 

Another gain was Tony’s exceptional communication and ability to link leadership practice to modern leadership theorists. Tony shared his learnings, training materials, and previous organisational wins. He has been so generous with his knowledge, research and resources.  

A practical advantage was having someone available to help me celebrate wins and talk about my progress. 

What is a lesson you have learnt from your Mentor/Mentee?

Tony: The interactions with Jeramy have been great as it’s reinvigorated my passion to share more with others. Over the last two years I have built a world changing course on how to influence the culture of organisations worldwide, however, I had put the course on hold. Jeramy has been instrumental in reinvigorating my desire to commercialise the course and give back to organisations that want to improve their culture. 

Jeramy: I was able to gain new skills in reflecting on my career highlights and packaging them in a way that showcases my expertise, and value to the organisation, Project Lead or Board. I struggle to place myself within the story and success, and Tony was able to help with tools, examples and then homework to practice. 

What advice would you give someone considering joining the Mentoring Program?

Tony: Take the time to understand what you want to achieve from the mentoring program and above all, be passionate, committed, authentic, and open minded to change as there will no doubt be ideas that challenge logical theories  

Jeramy: Simply, get involved. As someone who is extremely proud and reserved, I struggled initially to put my hand up for help. However, instantly I was aware of the benefits of this program. I was only thinking with one mindset. Having someone to respectfully challenge that was extremely advantageous.


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