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Five minutes with a leader: Emma Skea

At just 21 years of age, Emma Skea IMLa started to forge a successful career. She previously worked in administration and as a paralegal at Shine Lawyers on the Sunshine Coast and now is an Administration and Operations Officer with recycling giant Remondis. Leadership Matters asked her to share five reflections on leadership.



I am still quite young and I am still learning, but I observe a lot and have managed staff myself. I recognise that communication is the most important thing. You have to be honest as an employee and as an effective leader. Communication is something that you must learn and adjust to. In my workplace, we work in very close teams, and communication is essential. We have several team huddles throughout the week to ensure we are all in constant communication. Our team huddles allow us to touch base, as well as bounce ideas off one another.



If you are having a problem with something or someone, you need to fix it. It needs to get sorted in a constructive way where all parties can agree on the outcome. Regardless of the size of your team or where you rank, if a resolvable issue is at hand then honesty is the best policy.



Personal development gives you tools along the way to grow your capabilities. Ten per cent of your salary every year should go toward personal development. It’s a great way to expand your knowledge and skills as well as network and meet people in a similar industry, or even the complete opposite. I myself take it as an opportunity to get to know my community as well as grow my skill set and knowledge.



I worked in hospitality and, when I was running events, I would have 30 staff with 500 people attending and it could very easily turn into a high-pressure situation. One thing I took out of it, was that everybody has to be on the same page. If the manager is saying one thing and doing another, not only is it a bad look, it gives extra room for errors and doesn’t allow you time to perform at your highest standard. The best teams are headed by strong managers who nurture growth and play to their team’s strengths.



I have always been told: do to others as I would like done to myself. If you are kind to your colleagues and team, especially in a high-stress workplace like a law firm, that kindness is contagious. Being kind is such a little thing but it can change someone’s day and mindset. The happier you are as a team, the more productive you will be.


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