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Developing Decision Making Skills – A Checklist

When faced with your next big decision, be sure to use the 10-step checklist to ensure the best course of action is taken. Further information can be found about each step in Leadership Direct.

Action Checklist

  1. Be clear about the scope of the decision you are faced with
  2. Consider the potential impact of the decision and how this will be evaluated
  3. Decide who needs to be involved in the decision making process
  4. Define the issue to be decided and collect relevant information
  5. Take account of uncertainty
  6. Gather appropriate contributions
  7. Use decision making tools which fit the situation
  8. Watch out for biases and common psychological traps
  9. Communicate the decision and act on it
  10. Monitor and learn from the outcomes


Potential Pitfalls

Managers should avoid:

  • excluding those who should be involved in decision making
  • information overload – trying to consider every piece of available information before making a decision
  • analysis paralysis – thinking over a decision so thoroughly that you miss opportunities
  • failing to recognise common biases in your thinking that might skew decision making.


Here are other useful references to help with your decision making:

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