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Decision made: the new Insight Edge

Decision-making is one of the most crucial challenges for managers. A global survey of CEOs cited by John Adair found that the ‘ability to take decisions’ was rated as the most important of 25 attributes required by senior managers.

During my regular discussions with Corporate and Professional AIM Members there’s become a noticeable demand for professional development content. Indeed, it’s a professional body’s job to offer solutions that inform and improve its Members, providing the environment and opportunity to develop new skills, fill knowledge gaps, and build on existing ability.

So when the opportunity arose to recreate Insight Edge into a professional development newsletter the decision was an easy one.  I made it straight away. My consultation with Members was evidence enough.

The centrepiece of AIM’s online professional development is the Leadership Direct platform. Logging in through the Member portal you can access hundreds of videos, models, checklists, articles and self-paced learning journeys all related to management and leadership development.

The new Insight Edge will align its content around the Leadership Direct platform, focusing on a different management skill every month and offering a selection of materials to suit individual learning styles.

This month is all about Decision Making.  You can’t always make the right decision (we’re human after all), and sometimes the wrong decision has major professional or personal consequences. But is there a way, a process, that will help you make better decisions? I hope the materials featured in this month’s edition shine’s a light on this topic and in doing so, helps you in your management journey to make the right decisions.


The Insight Edge podcast is proving a successful way for Members to learn about leadership from the Australian Institute of Management.

This week we’re looking at trade delegations: What should you expect? Do they deliver? And how do you prepare? We talk to BRIC and China expert David Thomas, CEO of Think Global.

David has been facilitating business relationships between developed and emerging countries in various capacities for thirty years. He has led a number of trade missions into Asia, with a special focus on China.

We asked David, do trade delegations deliver for small and medium sized businesses? Listen here online, or subscribe to the full series on iTunes, here.

I hope you enjoy and I look forward to your feedback.

Yours Sincerely,

Sam Bell FAIM

AIM General Manager of Policy and Advocacy


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