About Our PHN

Our PHN is a primary healthcare newtwork

Our PHN is a primary healthcare network, working alongside GPs, allied health care, hospitals and the broader community to identify areas of need and commission organisations to provide primary and preventative healthcare services. The service covers 161,108 sq. km, over 842,000 residents and 70% reside in areas classified as regional or remote.

Their challenge

Following an organisational realignment, Our PHN partnered with IML to first measure and then lift leadership capability across their organisation.

As part of IML’s Corporate Discovery process, Our PHN leveraged the complimentary 360 Degree Feedback Tools provided in their IML Corporate Membership to conduct a capability analysis for their frontline and senior managers.

The results dictated clear priority areas:

  1. Improve cross-functional collaboration, particularly for frontline managers
  2. Strengthen influence and negotiation skills, particularly for senior managers
  3. Provide an uplift in the general leadership capability for the broader group

“Slick, professional, well thought-up. I don’t think I’ve seen program logic as polished as this. I really believe that it’s been an amazing journey, I’d like IML to come back in 12 months.”

Pattie Hutton


Our Solutions

Using the results from the diagnostic tools, IML worked closely with Our PHN’s Executive team to co-design an initiative that was delivered to all three tiers of management. Two programs were built:

  1. The Influential Leader Program for senior managers and executive team
  2. The Collaborative Leader Program for frontline managers

The program was built to align with Our PHN’s values, vision and internal operating practices. The program facilitators used real work examples to contextualise the theory and transfer that into practice. The program design focussed on ways to both bring the broader group together collaboratively and create safe environments separately to support honest and open conversations.

The joint Launch and Conclusion Workshops were critical in this, providing the leaders with an opportunity to work collectively and hear key messages consistently. With Executive sponsorship and guidance, cross functional workplace projects were threaded through the program delivery and focussed on key business improvement priorities. To consolidate learning, and clarify goals, an individual coaching program was included.

To reinforce accountability and create clear actions, the leaders’ line managers were engaged throughout and Action Plans were developed to embed new skills in the workplace. The Program was supported by 4 months Mentoring through IML’s MemX Mentoring Program with ongoing learning and networking provided through IML’s Professional Membership offering.

  • Corporate discovery consulting with key stakeholders
  • Discovery Workshop with executive leadership team and program facilitators
  • Baseline and priority area assessment using IML 360 Feedback Tool
  • Program design
  • Workplace project planning
  • Program content review based on IML 360 results
  • Joint program launch
  • Ongoing individual coaching program launch
  • Cross functional workplace project launch
  • Individual action plan design
  • Session 1 – Influential/Collaborative Leader
  • Session 2 – Influential/Collaborative Leader
  • Session 3 – Influential/Collaborative Leader
  • Session 4 – Influential/Collaborative Leader
  • Session 5 – Influential/Collaborative Leader
  • Joint program conclusion with presentations and celebration
  • Coaching program wrap up
  • Individual action plan completion
  • 12-month IML Membership
  • Mentoring
  • Chartered Manager Accreditation

The Results

Skill development
To measure competency improvement and behavioural change, line managers, peers and direct reports of each leader were surveyed before and 3 months after the program.

Starting from a very high base, the Collaborative Leaders improved in 15/19 competencies, by an average of 1.5%.


Conflict management


Emotional intelligence


Develop decision and problem solving

The Influential Leaders improved in all 19 competencies by an average of 11.9%.


Business acumen


Influence and negotiation


Coaching and mentoring

The results showed that all participants improved in 17 of the 19 key competencies, by an average of 3.2%.


Conflict management


Emotional intelligence


Develop decision and problem solving

Program evaluation
Program effectiveness was monitored throughout, specifically after each module.


reported that the modules exposed them to new skills, knowledge and tools to use in their current role


reported that the program content was appropriate and presented in a structured manner


would recommend the programs to others


participants rated our programs an average of 9.3 out of 10