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Building resilience and confidence

When Vicky came back to her Victorian State Government position after maternity leave, it was tough. Getting back in there and leading her team again required renewed confidence in her abilities and a strong mental attitude.

Marion King FIML

Vicky was matched with Marion King FIML, from Conocer Consulting, specialising in Workforce Planning and HR Consulting. This turned out to be a very successful team relationship, where the opportunity to really get to what mattered and turn around perceptions worked exceptionally well.


Why did you join IML’s mentoring program?

Vicky: As part of an organisational leadership program, I identified mentoring would be beneficial. It seemed like a better long- term option to look externally and focus on less technical skills and more widely at management skills.

Marion: I think it’s a very valuable opportunity for me to use my experience as a leader to guide others. It’s great that IML offers this service, as it’s not always possible to find the right match within an organisation.


What did you get out of the experience?

Vicky: After a year of maternity leave, my confidence was low and my self-doubt was high. It was great that I had the opportunity to take time to explore different areas I felt I was weak in. It made me feel more confident about my skills and abilities. I also gained a better understanding of what I want from my career, time to reflect on my skills and work on my weaknesses. This isn’t something I have time for generally, so it felt like a luxury.

Marion: It was very rewarding. Vicky and I had great rapport from the very beginning, it was a very good match. She was very open about what she wanted from the program, where she was to begin with and where she wanted to go.


What did you learn from each other?

Vicky: Don’t be afraid to take risks. Consider what are the consequences of something not going to plan and weigh up whether it is worth taking the risk.

Marion: Work life can be pretty tough and is rarely predictable.  Vicky is very emotionally intelligent and uses these skills to be a very aware manager and understand what her staff are going through. I also learnt about some issues that are facing the public sector generally.


Would you recommend the mentoring program to others?

Vicky: Yes, it’s a great opportunity for self-reflection, which is something you don’t generally have time to do. Do it with an open mind and don’t be afraid to openly and honestly tackle issues that may be holding you back.

Marion: Absolutely. It’s a rare opportunity to really discuss openly where you are in your work, (and personal) life and to get some practical advice on how to build a pathway to success.

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