About Us

The Institute of Managers and Leaders is a non-profit Membership organisation and the gold standard-setting professional body for management and leadership competence and excellence. We passionately believe that great leadership is the first step towards a better world and for 76 years, we have been supporting professionals on their leadership journey in keeping with our vision – “Creating better managers and leaders for a better society”.

With more than 11,000 Members, the Institute is the essential organisation for professional managers and leaders, for emerging leaders and for students thinking about their leadership future across Australia and New Zealand.

The Institute is also the principle corporate body for businesses who take management and leadership seriously, and for Universities who are looking to gain a competitive edge by accrediting their leadership-focused courses.



Leadership Matters. We believe that great managers and leaders make decisions that impact people’s lives and that this impact is felt well beyond the workplace.

Today, our Membership offering encompasses everything from professional accreditation (Chartered Manager) to events to business tools to online resources.

At the very heart of our organisation are our Members.

Members are a diverse, dynamic group of professionals from all business sectors, and all corners of Australia. Together, they contribute a huge amount of expertise, energy and passion to our organisation. In turn, they reap the rewards that come from being part of such a powerful network.

Join and you will instantly join a network that supports you on your personal leadership journey; one that believes in the contribution of better managers and better leaders – for a better society.



Formed in 1939, Australian Institute of Management (AIM) Group now trading as the Institute of Managers and Leaders is a not-for-profit owned and governed by its Members. AIM Group is currently lead by Chief Executive, David Pich FIML. The AIM Group is governed by a Board of Directors. View the Institute of Managers and Leaders Constitution.

AIM Group has an unparalleled history of leading the way in developing leadership competence and in providing connections, support, guidance, knowledge and inspiration to Australia’s management and leadership community.