Know what to pay your staff so you don’t lose them to competitors.

IML ANZ’s National Salary Survey is a annual report providing objective, unbiased remuneration information so businesses can attract and retain the right talent with an HR strategy that works for you and your organisation.

For over 55 years, the NSS collects reliable data from over 25,000 employees across Australia, profiling a wide range of industries and job positions, so you can get the competitive edge in the battle for quality talent.


After five decades of expertise, we know that attracting and retaining the best in 2019 isn’t just about knowing what to pay them. That’s why when you subscribe to the NSS, we provide you with a comprehensive report to compensation as a modern-day business.

Salary trends and forecasts

HR policies and practices

Gender diversity analysis

Rewards and benefits

Staff retention analysis

With robust and reliable data over 250+ positions,job families and job industries, the NSS is your trusted comprehensive guide to employee reward, retention, acquisition and engagement.


Your subscription to the NSS is more than an one-off document. Your business will receive access to updated remuneration information, access to various tools to support your teams and annual additional trend reports.

Hard copy of the report

Receive a hard copy of our annual report with easy-to-read summary tables, salary figures split by size, location and sector. Get an accurate picture with lower quartile, median, upper quartile and average figures.

Access to online database

The NSS online database is the most powerful, convenient and direct platform to access our data, manage information relevant to your business and apply for a subscription discount.

Access Data

Access your NSS data online from anywhere with our powerful online platform. Find exactly what you’re looking for at the click of a button.

Analyse Data

Pinpoint data that’s relevant to your organisation. Analyse and compare information with the online platform across company size, location and industry with our drill down tool.

Contribute Data

Use our online platform to easily contribute your organisation’s data and be rewarded for it. Save up to $2,000 on your NSS subscription when you provide remuneration information.

Additional reports

Staff Retention Report

Benchmark your staff turnover rates against state, industry and or-ganisation size average sand discover strategies that you can imple-ment to keep talented staff.

Gender Pay Gap Report

Ensure pay equity in your organisation, give potential candidates an-other reason to choose you over your competitors and help fight the gender bias.



Join hundreds of Australian organisations using the NSS to strengthen their business. Read about how some of the country’s most recognised and respected brands are using our data.


5 Ways to communicate with staff

In this webinar, hear from Sam Bell, General Manager, Corporate Services & Research at IML ANZ and Charles Go, Research Product Manager at IML ANZ as they analyse salary and workplace trends and examines what tomorrow’s workplace may look like.

Navigating the future of work

In this webinar, Sam Bell FIML, General Manager, Corporate Services and Research, and Susan Del Favero, Head of People and Culture at IML, analyse updated findings from the October release of the National Salary Survey and the 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report.


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