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Workplace 2.0, Managing up and across

Catch up and share recorded sessions from IML ANZ’s Development Day: Managing Up and Across.
Workplace 2.0 - Managing Up and Across

Event Passed

Thanks for joining us at another informative Development Day

Managing Up and Across the business in our new world of work has been a popular topic. We hope this Development Day provided you with some practical tips about how to show empathy and overcome fear when providing your manager with feedback; how to create social capital and build relationships even though you are working in a virtual world; and how to network externally and internally with purpose and courage. Remember, everyone is selling something and a lone wolf with no allies is going to have a harder time influencing change!

Special Thanks

We want to say a big thank you also to our speakers Jill Noble, Nick Mills and Jacqui Perkins.

Your free replays to the sessions are below. These are a great way to recap the insights our three experts provided and share the learnings with your colleagues and friends.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Development Day. If you would like to learn more about other helpful programs at IML ANZ click here.

How to give your boss feedback

Facilitator: Jill Noble

Jill Noble delivered an interactive session on how to give your boss feedback, and used neuroscience to help us understand the fear surrounding it. To overcome the fear, reset your brain before entering a feedback conversation so that you don’t take previous negative experiences along with you. Always show empathy – even the most senior leaders have fears too. Prime your manager and create trust by asking permission to share feedback first.

Managing yourself AND your boss in a virtual world

Facilitator: Nick Mills

Nick Mills provided a refreshingly practical session on the ways that we can create social capital and relationships in a hybrid work world. He introduced us to the idea of spatiality. Remember, in today’s hybrid world of work, leaders are now having to provide feedback to team members in their team member’s safe spaces (their home!). Our sense of space affects how our brain takes on feedback including criticism. We love all of Nick’s ten tips, especially his “Shut up and work” sessions which allow for 5 minutes of social interaction and 25 minute working blocks rotated over two hours. Productivity and social interaction will skyrocket!

Positive politics in the workplace

Facilitator: Jacqui Perkins

Jacqui Perkins brought her usual fabulous energy and reminded us about the importance of networking with your operational, professional and strategic networks. Don’t waste the elevator pitch with pleasantries, be prepared with your WIFM factor (What’s in it for the other person). Remember, a lone wolf with no allies has got less chance of making change and impact.

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