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A Chartered Manager designation is the highest status you can achieve as a leader.

Have your leadership experience formally recognised with IML.

top 3 benefits of becoming a Chartered Manager:

Become a recognised leader

- Professionalise your skills as a leader
- Hold the global gold standard in leadership and management

Take your leadership career to new heights

- Commit to your continuing professional development (CPD)
- Differentiate yourself from the competition

Go global!

- Gain an internationally recognised leadership designation (CMgr)
- Broaden your leadership career
- Join an exclusive worldwide network of top leaders

IML offers the prestigious and globally recognised Chartered Manager designation to leaders in Australia and New Zealand.

Through our strategic alliance with the UK’s Chartered Management Institute, IML is committed to working with individuals and employers who aspire to the highest standards of professionalism and who provide leadership with a real sense of purpose and pride in their people.

how to become a Chartered Manager

If you have a qualification in management, leadership or business*, plus at least 3 years’ management experience, you’re eligible for our qualified route to become a Chartered Manager

  • IML will send you a submission document to complete, and assign you an Assessor
  • Complete a formal Chartered Management interview
  • Cost: One off non-refundable assessment fee of $550 + GST

*If you don’t hold a management, leadership or business qualification other routes might be available to you.

Find out more on our Chartered Manager FAQs page.

why become a Chartered Manager?

Holding an internationally recognised Chartered designation will increase your employability, demonstrate your managerial competence and prove that you possess sought-after and transferable leadership skills.

On top of your standard IML Membership benefits, as a Chartered Manager you’ll be joining a large and growing group of professionals who:
– Add value through successful leadership
– Get results by demonstrating sound leadership
– Make good leadership decisions and innovate
– Understand the key role of the leader in their organisation
– Inspire others to improve the workplace
– Work more confidently within their organisations

Find out more on our Chartered Manager FAQs page.

Fast Facts

96% use Chartered Manager as proof of experience of leading people and managing change.

83% say they are better managers after achieving the Chartered status.

On average, Chartered Managers deliver $626,309 in added value to their organisations.

real life experiences

“I decided to gain recognition in March of 2015 because in addition to my status of Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, I really felt that I needed a point of difference from other managers.   There are a lot of managers out there and unlike any other profession it can be hard to set us apart, I really felt that I needed something that had a set of standards and could act as a stamp of approval to say “This manager does what she says she will do” therefore providing me with credibility and recognition of my status as a professional manager.  It also shows my commitment to continuing professional development (CPD) and to CMI’s Code of Practice for Professional Managers.”

Lisa Hewlett CMgr FCMI, FAIM
Assistant Manager Operations & Finance, Indigenous Australia Program | The Fred Hollows Foundation