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Three key ways to create a mentally healthy workplace
January 29, 2018
  By beyondblue     One in five employees in Australia is likely to be working with a mental health condition and interestingly beyondblue research has found that despite 91% of employees believing workplace mental health is important, only 52% think their workplace is mentally healthy. While organisational leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the importance […]
Why 360 degree feedback tools may start the most important conversation a leader can have
August 27, 2016
360-degree feedback is systematically collecting opinions about a person’s performance from a range of sources, including peers, direct reports, the boss – even from people outside the organisation like customers or suppliers. The goal is to create a panorama of how the person is perceived by others, a map of perceived strengths and weaknesses that […]
Why people not process are the heart of effective risk management
June 27, 2016
Focusing only on reducing the ‘danger’ reduces the potential for upside. And the upside of risk is opportunity, innovation and new possibilities. On the other hand, chasing opportunity without an honest understanding of the downside and managing for it, can increase the danger of bad things happening, and leave organisations poorly prepared when they do. […]
How Hackathons Are Changing The World
March 27, 2016
Hackathons, where a room full of talented minds use big data to come up with new ideas to improve everyday life, are a major driver of innovation in business today. BY SUSAN MULDOWNEY   Much maligned by the media, hackers are more likely to use their coding expertise for good rather than evil. And when […]


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