Who will step forward?     


Hold Australia’s largest financial institutions accountable for their leadership.








Will your financial institution step forward?


Every tale of woe that has emerged from the banking Royal Commission is a fundamental failure of leadership. Poor behaviours have been allowed to develop and continue. And it is not just a failure of leadership at the top. 

The Royal Commission has revealed the sector’s “culture of greed”. At IML ANZ, we believe this is a very high-profile failure of leadership. This is why it is essential to challenge the banks to raise their standard of management and leadership. 

Hold your bank accountable by getting in touch in your local branch manager. Download the article PDF, forward it to your branch manager and start the conversation about leadership. 

Will your leaders step forward?


Every day managers and leaders make decisions that impact people’s lives.

At the Institute, we firmly believe in our vision, “creating better managers and leaders for a better society”. We believe that the impact made by management and leadership is felt well beyond the workplace. Who we chose to lead us, and how we develop those leaders are crucial to our relationships with employees, consumers and members of society. 

If you work within the banking and financial services sector, challenge your manager to step forward and become an accredited leader – a Chartered Manager. Write to your team leader, general manager or even CEO and start the conversation. 

Will you step forward?


At IML ANZ, we are unwavering in our belief that it is now time to view management and leadership as a profession.

Whether you’re the CEO of a major bank, or a team leader in a small business, you play a part in setting the benchmark of Australian management and leadership.  The failure of leadership we have seen in our banking and financial services sector indicates a worrying absence of leadership professionalism nationally. Many thousands of people are being led by managers and leaders who are not professionally skilled to manage and lead. 

Become a Chartered Manager or accredit your organisation’s leaders and raise the standard of management and leadership. Be the change you want to see. 

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