Revelian Work Safety Assessment (RWSA)

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What are safety attitudes and beliefs?

The Revelian Work Safety Assessment (RWSA) assesses the beliefs and attitudes across five key safety risk factors:

  1. Safety Control: Taking personal responsibility for safety outcomes
  2. Risk Aversion: Avoiding risks
  3. Stress Management: Coping with stress
  4. Drug Aversion: Avoiding the use of drugs (long form only)
  5. Attitudes Towards Violence: Controlling outbursts of anger (long form only)

These attitudes and beliefs have been assessed in the RWSA because they are all significantly related to an individual’s safety relevant behaviour within the workplace.  For more information on Work Safety Assessment Forms, please click here.








Why use the RWSA when selecting staff?

The RWSA is based on a significant body of psychological research which shows that the attitudes and beliefs held by an individual are related to their likelihood of suffering an injury or accident within the workplace.  Some individuals, by virtue of their attitudes and beliefs, are inherently more likely to take risks, ignore safety procedures, and ignore safety training.  Benefits of using the RWSA include:

  • Fewer safety incidents (medical treatment injuries; lost time injuries)
  • Enhanced and improved safety culture
  • Lower legal/compensation costs

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