Revelian Work Reliability Scale (RWRS)

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What are reliability attitudes and beliefs?

The Revelian Work Reliability Scale (RWRS) assesses the beliefs and attitudes that candidates have towards counterproductive behaviours such as theft, dishonesty, and absenteeism.  The RWRS assess attitude towards counterproductive behaviour on a scale that ranges from lenient to strict.  People with more lenient attitudes are more open towards and accepting of counterproductive behaviours.  People with stricter attitudes are less likely to condone counterproductive behaviours.

Why use the RWRS when selecting staff?

The popularity of integrity testing has grown significantly in recent years.  Reviews estimate that approximately 5,000 organisations in the United States regularly include integrity testing in their selection process.  The growth in integrity testing has been supported by an emerging body of research demonstrating that such tests can be used to predict counterproductive behaviour.

By assessing attitudes towards counterproductive behaviours, employers can identify candidates who have stricter attitudes, and are inherently less likely to steal, lie or be absent from work.  Furthermore, such individuals are likely to contribute positively to a high reliability culture within the organisation, as they are less likely to condone or support counterproductive behaviour in others.

The benefits of using the RWRS in selection include:

  • Increasing overall effectiveness of other theft prevention strategies
  • Facilitating a culture where the interests of the organisation are more important to employees
  • Reducing workplace theft and absenteeism
  • Lowering levels of inappropriate workplace behaviour
  • Reducing involuntary turnover

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