Revelian Behavioural Profile (RBP)

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What is the Revelian Behavioural Profile?

Revelian’s Behavioural Profile (RBP) was based upon the personality theory of William Marston (1928). Marston proposed that behaviours arise out of the interaction between one’s perception of the environment and one’s appraisal of their capacity to exert influence over it. Behaviour was consequently conceptualized as an adaptive response to both external and internal circumstances. The Revelian Behavioural Profile assesses the natural and adaptive behavioural styles of individuals.

Finally, a DISC tool for recruitment!

The RBP utilizes Marston’s DISC model to examine the extent to which an individual’s behavior typifies four behavioural styles. The behavioural styles measured by the RBP are:

  • Dominance: Relates an individual’s approach to problems and challenges
  • Influencing: Relates to an individual’s approach to social situations
  • Steadiness: Relates to an individual’s approach to pace of change in the work environment
  • Compliance: Relates to an individual’s approach to rules set by others

The RBP assess the natural and adaptive behavioural styles of individuals, and can be used in both selection and staff development processes.

Why use the RBP when selecting staff?

The RBP is of particular utility in selection processes to ensure that potential employees’ natural behavioural styles are matched to the behavioural requirements of a particular role. Individuals have a tendency to adapt their behavioural style to meet the demands of their workplace. Research has demonstrated that the greater the disparity between natural and adaptive behavioural styles, the more likely the individual is to experience job stress, and decreases in job satisfaction.

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