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The Institute of Managers and Leaders was rebranded from the Australian Institute of Management in July 2017, and our research is more a significant part of our organisation as ever. Whilst we refer to ourselves now as the Institute of Managers and Leaders, our past research will remain cited under the Australian Institute of Management for ease of reference and archiving.

Learning & Development in the Public Sector: Discussion Paper
In an era of fiscal restraint, the outlook for all forms of public sector spending, including internal agency spending on learning and development (L&D) is challenging. The L&D budget is often an early target when agency budgets contract. AIM has produced this discussion paper because we believe that L&D should be treated as an investment to be managed, not a cost centre to be minimised.

Shared Services in the Public Sector: White Paper
AIM’s white paper identifies the root cause of issues with previous public sector shared services implementations. Most importantly, this research outlines lessons and insights for the future.

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