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The Institute of Managers and Leaders was rebranded from the Australian Institute of Management in July 2017, and our research is a more significant part of our organisation than ever. Whilst we refer to ourselves now as the Institute of Managers and Leaders, our past research will remain cited under the Australian Institute of Management for ease of reference and archiving.

The Australian Management Capability Index (AMCI)

The Australian Management Capability Index (AMCI) provides an opportunity for CEO’s and senior executives to track management performance over time and contributes to building a longitudinal profile of management capability in Australia and overseas.

The AMCI is based on a self-assessment of ten key drivers of management capability that contribute to sustainable performance.  Each driver is comprised of several statements or subcategories against which an index is made.

Key Findings from the 2017 AMCI

This year’s research unfortunately reveals the continued decline in Australian management capability. The overall AMCI is 67.0 of a potential rating of 100.

Australian CEO’s and managers assess their organisations as being most capable in:

  • Integrity and Corporate Governance (82.7)
  • Financial Management (73.7)
  • External Relationships (73.0)

They assess their organisations as least capable in:

  • Innovation – Products & Services (64.3)
  • People Leadership (63.0)
  • Organisational Capability (61.8)

CEO’s and MD’s continue to rate management capability in their organisations higher than middle managers.  The gap between overall AMCI scores reported for Level 1 and Level 3 managers mimic last year’s (2016) results, signaling the continued optimism of Australian leaders at the top end.

Male managers and leaders assessed their organisation in higher regard (68.2) than female managers and leaders (62.2).  This gap has significantly increased since last year’s (2016) survey.

The highest overall scores are found in the Not for Profit company type (72.0), Insurance & Finance industry (75.3), 26-100 employee range (70.1) and up to $10 million turnover range (66.4).  The lowest overall scores are found in the Government Services company type (47.0), Construction industry (54.7), 201-500 employee range (57.8) and $51-$100 million turnover range (60.6).

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