Michelle Stanton

Michelle Stanton

Michelle Stanton FIML, Founder & CEO, Zonehigh

Michelle Stanton is the founder of Zone Culture, the Manifestation at your Command Process and the Managing Director of Zonehigh.

Zonehigh helps companies establish the “In the Zone” culture in their businesses to provide the foundation necessary for peak performance, agility, innovation, collaboration and customer service underpinned by happiness and wellbeing of staff.

Michelle is a past President of the Professional Speakers Association in South Australia and the author of The Timeless World – Debunk your Fears & Discover Heaven on Earth and “Selling in the Zone – Stress-free Success in Sales”.

Some of Zonehigh’s clients include the Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC), Bernie Lewis, Minda Inc as well as Dean Brogan – ex Port Power, Matthew Bode – The Crows and Jessica Trengove – Olympic marathon runner.