Leading Edge – November Edition: Introduction

Welcome to the November edition of Leading Edge.

Ann Messenger, Chair of the Board

With the National Final being celebrated last month, this concluded the Institute’s 2017 Australian Leadership Excellence Awards. We’re delighted to congratulate all the winners and nominees for the great work and impact they have contributed to their workplace or community:

  • 2017 Leader/Manager of the Year: Jamie Getgood, HR Director at GM Holden
  • 2017 Owner/Entrepreneur of the Year: Fiona Fonti, Managing Director of The Rehabilitation Specialists
  • 2017 Not For Profit Leader of the Year: Mat Rowell, CEO of Relationships Australia Tasmania
  • 2017 Community Leader of the Year: James Lolicato, Co-Founder and CEO of Proud 2 Play
  • 2017 Emerging Leader of the Year: Hannah Wandel IMLa, Founder and CEO of Country to Canberra
  • 2017 Student Leader of the Year: Khushaal Vyas, Student at UNSW

This year, 41 leaders Australia-wide were shortlisted as finalists across the six categories, reflecting the diverse professional backgrounds of Australian leadership from the public sector, to small business, and charity organisations. We’ve uploaded photos from the National event here.

As 2017 is coming to an end, the Institute is pleased to invite you to our end of year events to celebrate a successful 2017 and find out what 2018 has in store.  During the event, we will recognise and celebrate key Member milestones with the Institute.

This event will also include the official launch of the Institute’s new book Leadership Matters: 7 skills of very successful leaders, and will be hosted by a member of the IML Leadership team. Meet the IML engagement team and mingle with local Members at this celebratory event (complimentary for IML Members only). Find a local event near you!

With our focus on the professional development of Australia’s managers and leaders, the Institute launched the second part of the Leadership Matters Conference series spotlighting the 7 attributes of very successful leaders. This year we saw managers and leaders come to three events hosted in Brisbane, Sydney and Townsville. The series saw 275 attendees come together to discuss the latest in management and leadership thinking. Our panel of diverse and talented guest speakers shared practical experiences and insights into how each attribute helped shape the leader they are today. Each location featured a lineup of speakers from varying industries and leadership journeys including Simon Smith FIML, CEO of Southern Cross Coaching & Development, Michelle Loch, Author and Speaker, Marsha Zuhorn, CEO of Housing Connections Centre, Kylie Barlett, Founder of Women Achievement, Penelope Tremlow, CEO of Energy Skills Queensland, Trevor O’Hara, volunteer Chairman of Crime Stoppers Australia.

Feedback from our attendees was overwhelmingly positive and some attributes stood out as clear favourites among the attendees such as decisiveness, respect, emotional intelligence and authenticity. Attendees were encouraged to participate and engage in the room and online via the IML social media channels. From sharing and exchanging valuable experiences, to leadership lessons and practical strategies, the Conference was a terrific way for managers and leaders to not only learn from our experienced and distinguished speakers but also from each other on how to become successful leaders.

The Institute is pleased to release the National Salary Survey (NSS) End of Year Update and the 2017 Staff Retention Report. The NSS Update gives organisations the latest salary data, HR trends and recommendations how to attract and retain top talent. For over 50 years, the NSS has conducted analysis on the nation’s workforce and uses the data to optimise how businesses are run through understanding their staff. Our reports find solutions to new issues in business, so organisations can retain their top talent, operate in a cost-effectively, and increase staff productivity.

This year the findings from the 2017 Staff Retention Report produced some compelling data. The Institute’s report concluded that 1 in 10 staff members are voluntarily resigning from their positions after Australian organisations are failing to offer meaningful career development opportunities for employees. Most interestingly, the report found the top reasons for voluntary resignation were factors all within an organisations’ control and could be prevented. 79% of staff left to seek new challenges, 58% resigned due to limited career advancement, and 46% left over insufficient financial reward. With the NSS 2017 reporting an average cost of $23,753 to rehire each lost employee, Australian organisations are facing substantial financial losses due to poor staff retention.

To find out more about the National Salary Survey, visit our website or contact the team on 1300 362 631.

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